Casino design could use historic charm

*Casino design could use historic charm *Bad idea to cut down trees for solar panels *New design of

Casino design could use historic charm

Your June 7 editorial mentions a casino design concession that nods to the historic Stockade by toning down the appearance with brown bricks.

My question is: Why not expand on that style? I’m not suggesting a pseudo structure like Caesar’s Palace or the Venetian in Las Vegas, but a serious tribute to Schenectady’s Dutch heritage, with gable ends and white trim on brick, which would blend beautifully with the river and surrounding area.

The racino in Saratoga successfully integrated the building style of the flat track. And much like the distinctive Desmond hotel in Albany, a colonial design is timeless.

It would also set our casino apart from all the other mall-like casinos popping up across the landscape. Whether approaching by land or water, this mixed development could benefit greatly by a dash of historic charm.

Virginia Newton


Bad idea to cut down trees for solar panels

Remember the idiotic destruction of the beautiful trees and landscape on the Northway a few years back so drunk, or sleepy, or careless drivers (maybe all three) would not kill themselves when they left the pavement? Public outcry stopped the stupidity.

To cut down the maple trees on Hetcheltown Road is an another example of absolute bureaucratic arrogance — to place the panels so close to the trees was a design error that can be corrected by the panels being moved to the other end.

I am a firm believer in the necessity of solar power. But maybe its acceptance is being hindered by decisions made by stupid people who don’t care about our environment and/or don’t know anything.

Fred Maurer


New design of casino screams out ‘cheap’

The new casino design screams one thing: Cheap. A bunch of square boxes is one of the most inexpensive designs to realize.

The first modern, curved design is something that Schenectady could have been proud of; this latest rendering looks like a shopping mall that should have been razed 15 years ago.

“Homage to Schenectady’s industrial past?” Nonsense. I wonder how many millions Rush Gaming is saving on this new design, and where those millions will go. Certainly not to anything in a Host City Agreement, since Schenectady never asked for one of those.

Kudos to The Gazette for publishing the design change. Clearly, the casino development must be watched closely.

Suzanne Miller


Education Tax Credit is a win-win for state

I am writing to show my support for the Education Tax Credit. If this becomes a law, then millions of dollars in scholarships will be available for needy children to be able to attend Catholic and other private schools.

It also means fewer Catholic school closures and more jobs for teachers. For public schools, it means millions of dollars for important programs such as art, music, libraries and sports, as well as support for teachers. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Please, please Democrats, drop your opposition.

Jennifer Iannotti


GOP candidates have little to offer voters

The May 29 letter from Marc A. Smalkin with regard to his challenge to produce something done by Hillary Clinton while she was a senator is just another non-issue being used by someone who doesn’t like anyone he brands as “liberal.”

I won’t waste my time addressing such foolery, as nothing could be said that would satisfy Mr. Smalkin or his “conservative friends.” The facts are that there are many legislators who have not been responsible for any particular legislation. But these same legislators helped shape positions that were needed by the American public.

Hillary Clinton while serving as senator from New York was very active, and as secretary of state she was a shinning example of what one should do as a representative of our country. I have to wonder how Mr. Smalkin viewed the Bush administration’s lies that dragged us into a war with Iraq and caused 4,500 Americans to lose their lives and 35,000 to be wounded. We have veterans from this senseless war who are homeless, without limbs and with permanent disabilities because Bush and Cheney lied to Congress and the American people.

I challenge Mr. Smalkin to pick a candidate from the Republican side and give us a rundown of their qualifications for the office of president. His statement about backing a woman for president as long as it isn’t Hillary is hard to swallow. Is he saying he would welcome Elizabeth Warren or another female Democrat if they were running? I doubt very much if Mr. Smalkin would back anyone other than one of his ilk for any office.

Mr. Smalkin, if you don’t like Hillary, just say so and write about the reasons you would back your candidate. I, however, don’t believe there is a Republican candidate that has shown he or she has the credentials or morals to be president. One has to ask what Carly Fiorina, the failed CEO from Hewett Packard, or Mike Huckabee, a poor example of a Christian, have done for the American people.

Perhaps Mr. Smalkin, you can apply your “challenge” to any of the “Party of No” and see if they should lead our country. I will enjoy reading your response, as it will certainly be “challenging.”

Gary Guido



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