Here’s 10 ideas for grad gifts

It’s the season for high school graduations, leaving parents, friends, and distant relatives wonderi

It’s the season for high school graduations, leaving parents, friends, and distant relatives wondering the same thing: what do I get my grad for a gift?

For here’s a ranking of 10 great gift ideas your special grad might enjoy.

10. Lap Desk

From doing homework to late-night snacks, lap desks are a great way for college students to take a break from their dorm room desk and be productive elsewhere.

These portable pieces of furniture come in a variety of sizes and brands with many different features, like cup holders or zipper pockets or built-in speakers. Whichever option is best for your grad, they’re likely to find it a welcome addition to their new lifestyle.

9. Shower Caddy

Most college dorms still have the infamous communal bathroom system. A shower caddy not only makes the experience a bit more sanitary, but it’s a convenient way to keep a student organized and not have to remember to pack every individual item every time they hit the showers. More than that, this gift is very affordable and can easily be personalized by material, pattern, or shape. The gift-giver could also put some essentials in the caddy for an added bonus.

8. Watch

A watch is a universal gift that recent graduates will appreciate. Though jewelry can be difficult to buy for other people, a watch is a more sophisticated piece to make a young adult feel mature as they start their professional life. This gift can also be personalized, with a range of options for straps (color, size, clasp style, etc.) and faces (color, size, display type, hands, numbers, etc.). The possibilities are countless.

7. Lawn Games

Not that you anticipate the rising college student you know to have ample amounts of free time, but for weekend fun on the quad, a portable, easy-to-play lawn game can be the ideal stress-reliever.

Jeff Kausch, general manager of Goldstock’s Sporting Goods in Scotia, recommends a newer game for students.

“We have a bunch of great outdoor games, but Kubb has been very popular for graduation parties, summer cookouts, and it’s portable,” Kausch said.

He described Kubb (pronounced “koob”) as a cross between bocce ball, bowling, and horseshoes. The game is made for as many players as the user wants, divided into two teams. Kausch said the game, which is actually an international sport with leagues and tournaments, is becoming very popular and would be a great addition to college campuses.

6. Luggage

From Samsonite to Vera Bradley and everything in between, students will use luggage at some point during their college career. Whether they plan to study abroad or want to spend a weekend at home, having designated luggage for trips is a useful and thoughtful gift. It’s also convenient for moving in. This gift, like most others on this list, comes in many styles in a variety of prices to fit the right budget.

5. Water bottle

Staying hydrated in college is very important for students, who usually maintain full schedules of classes and activities with limited time to pay attention to their health. Encourage your grads to take care of themselves during this adjustment period with a durable water bottle.

It seems like a boring gift at first thought, but water bottles can actually be interesting buys with the brand, material, size, and design choices that come with it. To personalize this gift, choose a bottle with a design from the student’s hometown, favorite vacation spot, or other place with memories tied to it.

4. Kindle

Tablets and computers are very common gifts for graduates, but any generation of the 6-inch, touchscreen Kindle with Wi-Fi is not only useful, but it’s affordable, too. The most recent version of the device starts at $80.Without all the added features like applications, social media, and games, this Kindle will increase the college-student-to-be’s productivity and help them save money. Many college textbooks can be purchased on Amazon through the Kindle store for a fraction of the cost of hard copies.

3. Journal

From moleskin to spiral-bound to leather, a journal is a thoughtful gift that can remind your grad to remember their experiences on both a long term and day-to-day.

A journal or other personal notebook like this is incredibly versatile. It can be used to write down thoughts, ideas, to-do lists, or assignments due. One way to make the gift even more special is to purchase it at a local store that specializes in paper products.

The Open Door Bookstore in Downtown Schenectady has several notebooks and accessories, as well as books, sun catchers, jewelry, and other items with local ties.

“We have a variety of gifts, and most of them are handmade and fair trade,” said Karen Monaco-Haber, gift buyer and gallery manager at the store. “These are things people look for when shopping because it makes the products extra special.”

2. Backpack

Yes, college students still get excited about new backpacks for school. With so many brands to choose from, it isn’t as difficult as it seems to find an age-appropriate and durable but stylish pack for students.

Backpacks are a healthy and convenient way for students to carry around the supplies they need for the entire day. Again, there are several options for styles and colors suitable to fit the student’s preferences.

1. College Gear

Few things are more special to recent high school graduates than their first piece of clothing from the college or university they’ll be spending the next four years of their life at.

School bookstores often have sales as summer approaches, so there isn’t a much better time to peruse their offerings. Most bookstores also have options to purchase items online, making your shopping duties quick and easy. This is a very affordable gift that your graduate will appreciate very much.

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