Grateful for capture, but still more to pay

*Grateful for capture, but still more to pay *Cuomo used escape to promote himself *Return to Bible

Grateful for capture, but still more to pay

Today [June 28] is a day to give thanks to the U.S. Border Patrol and the New York State Police for ridding us of Richard Matt and the capture of David Sweat.

But if the state police had a little better marksmanship training, the residents of New York would not be forced to support Sweat for the rest of his life. We all owe the several law enforcement agencies our thanks for their successful performance of a difficult task.

This leaves us with the two dirtbags who assisted the two murderers in their escape. These two prison employees knowingly assisted in turning two convicted murderers loose on society. It will be interesting to see how this part of the scenario plays out. Can we expect the corrections officers union to jump to their defense and demand that they be given their jobs back, or at the very least be allowed to retire with full pension and benefits? We must wait and see.

The million-dollars-a-day cost to capture the escapees has ended, but we will be paying the true cost of the escape far into the future.

R. Lee Bowen

Saratoga Springs

Cuomo used escape to promote himself

While watching the USA women’s soccer team battle China in a World Cup quarterfinal, I was startled when the live telecast was interrupted by Gov. Cuomo.

With the USA clinging precariously to a 1-0 lead, our esteemed governor’s face filled my screen. I was disappointed, yet I could understand the interruption to let New Yorkers know that Richard Matt had been shot and killed — although anyone who did not know that must have been living under a rock that Friday.

What angered me then, and still does today, was Gov. Cuomo leading the news brief. Did he lead the three-week search? Was he out in the woods? Was he working on three, fours hours rest a day? I think not. Yet it is his face we see on the screen. Then he explains in his words “how this crisis was brought to an end.” I must have missed the part where they caught the cop-killing David Sweat.

Ironically, immediately after he introduces the real hero who organized the search, they go back to the soccer game. This is just another example of Cuomo’s political grandstanding. I hope New Yorkers are smart enough to realize that the governor had little or nothing to do with the manhunt. I do give the governor a little credit though. At least he didn’t use the time to bash educators.

I imagine Matt would have been caught sooner if all those hundreds searching for him hadn’t had such bad teachers.

Thomas Reiter


Return to Bible for guidance on morality

Wow. What a great book the Bible is. It is 100 percent accurate in its predictions, unlike Nostradamus or any other fortune tellers. It shows us the ways of our lives and how the world’s wisdom will decline into evil with clarity and truth.

One such aspect we are warned about is the acceptance of sexual perversion of all kinds being good for us instead of the wrong it is. This definitely includes such things as the Ireland vote to “legalize” sodomy and the latest Unsupreme Court ruling here in the United States. Perversion is now called good, and those that oppose it are called evil. This choice the world is making will bring great destruction upon it, but those that it falls on will refuse to listen to the lessons that destruction is meant to bring.

The time of God’s dealing with the non-Jewish nations is nearly gone, as he is now turning back to Israel to keep them because the rest of us are given over to evil practices. Be ready for many more disasters coming on the United States and the world.

Can you get ready by seeing the truth of the Bible and accepting it, or will you say it is a book of hate not love?

Barry Groat


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