Democrats like Hillary needed to clean up Republican messes

*Democrats like Hillary needed to clean up Republican messes

Democrats like Hillary needed to clean up Republican messes

Re June 13 letter, “Clinton fans believe despite many flaws”: Well, Tony Russo, you told us you definitely are not a Clinton fan. Let me tell you, Tony, why your letter needs some corrections:

Women-libbers, as you called them, are marching, but not against Bill Clinton. They are marching against the over 200 laws passed in the last four years by Republicans against women’s reproductive rights — especially in Texas where they have closed several Planned Parenthood offices.

Wealthy women in Texas or anywhere else in this country can and still do obtain abortions, but it’s middle-class working women and poor women who have to travel hundreds of miles, pay for a hotel, take off from work etc., to get to the few Planned Parenthoods left in all of Texas.

Texas also has over 500,000 uninsured residents, as their Republican governor did not expand Medicaid or establish a state exchange under Affordable Care/Obamacare. But guess who made sure they kept their state government-paid health insurance? Your Democratic governor here in New York has not let you down. We have an exchange with over 10 insurance companies you can choose from based on your benefit need and your budget and expanded Medicaid. Women have choices. I do not need ACA/Obamacare, as my employer continues to offer health insurance even into retirement for me, but many do not have that option and need health insurance. Thank God for ACA.

Yes, Republicans should have spent more time protecting this country from terrorists — note to conservative Republican Coach Denny Hastert, who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton instead of looking for bin Laden. The Democratic president, along with Hillary and the rest of his team, drew up the plans then gave the “OK” to Seal Team 6 to take care of the terrorist who killed over 3,000 Americans on 9/11. (President Bush was on one of his many vacations in August 2001, ignoring intel and strategy. President Obama takes two lousy weeks off and it’s a catastrophe.

Hillary Clinton worked across the aisle as our senator from New York. Unlike the “no” on anything like jobs or health care, President Obama has tried to pass through the Republican Congress. The fact that four Americans were sadly killed due to Republicans reducing security at all our embassies and outposts, including Benghazi, pales in comparison to the over 5,000 Americans killed in Iraq due to the real president, Vice President Cheney, invading an incorrect country and telling the American people lies about WMD’s.

Hillary is correct again. Republicans are and have been trying to suppress the minority vote. Examples include closing voting stations in minority neighborhoods, not taking student IDs (but will take gun IDs) and taking away early voting in Republicans states.

By the way Tony, New York does not need early voting, as there are plenty of voting machines in every neighborhood in New York state, which means no one is standing in line for eight hours or more or traveling two hours by several buses, as they did in many minority areas in many Republican-run states.

Bottom line is the GOP/Republican Party pushed this country over the cliff in 2008, then handed it to a Democrat who saved you and everyone else from the mess they made with our economy, wars, etc. None of the Republicans announced for president have the experience in foreign policy or domestic policy that Hillary Clinton has to lead this country.

Tony, get used to saying President Hillary Clinton, as women, minorities and men with brains will be electing the most qualified person in 2016.

Diane Hombach


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