Ignorant citizenry greatest threat to U.S.

*Ignorant citizenry greatest threat to U.S.

Ignorant citizenry greatest threat to U.S.

The greatest threat to our nation has been stated by politicians, newspapers, and other media to be numerous. Global Warming, ISIS, the increase in firearms, hydraulic fracking etc. I, myself, disagree with all of them.

The greatest threat to our nation has been growing at a very fast pace. A rise in temperature equal to a statistical error is proof of global warming? According to the doomsday science, the amount of increase in the rising sea level should have already sunk the island of Manhattan. These same experts a little more than a decade ago were telling us that we would need to spread carbon soot at the North and South poles to combat the coming Ice Age?

The increase in firearms violence is taken as a rise in violent crime. In the same time frame, the number of firearms in the United States has increased. The statistics indicate a reduction in violent crime, while in the United Kingdom the outright ban on firearms has created a three-fold increase in violent crime. These same persons could not explain the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and true “assault rifles,” which have been banned for sale in New York state for over 50 years.

I have recently heard Ivy League college students argue that they would not vote for Republican presidential candidates “General Mills” or “Ford Taurus” and female students who say that they are voting for Hillary simply because she is a woman. In the same breath, they say that I am a sexist for telling them that I would vote for Scott Walker simply because he was a man. Seriously, do you think those women can really hear themselves think? These same students state they have never heard of that guy “Ben Ghazi.”

America’s greatest threat is a uninformed, under-educated, and easily led-astray citizenry. If you can’t answer questions about the daily goings of your national or state governments, you are to me a far greater threat to our national security than any of the above listed. If you can only regurgitate the point of view of the talking head on national news, need I remind you that they have all been caught pushing the talking points created by the propaganda originating within our own government.

I remind you that Hitler’s propaganda minister thanked an American president, Woodrow Wilson, for showing him the way to use state-run media to “fool” the citizenry. (It was a video that destroyed our embassy in Libya; Hillary and all the above talking heads said so.)

America is doomed unless our citizenry learns that going to the polls on the first Tuesday in November is not the end to your political participation. In order to preserve our great nation, it is the responsibility of each and every citizen to stay informed as the impact of legislation passed by our elected politicians and to make our views known to those we have elected. Contrary to modern thought we did not elect them to tell us what to do and when we can do it. We elected them so that they would do what we as citizens say and believe, no matter how smart they think they are they day they are elected.

I will conclude by saying if you are not informed about how this great nation was meant to work that is “a nation of the people, by the people and for the people,” then do us all a favor next Election Day. Stay home and binge on your favorite TV series, spend a day at the spa or on the golf course or any of the other activities that consume your life — preventing you from having the time to stay informed about the daily business of your government. Just don’t screw it up for the rest of us that choose to worry about the most imminent threat to our great nation.

Michael Sheedy


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