Netanyahu leads in defending Americans

*Netanyahu leads in defending Americans *Game should have been in Schenectady *US has long history i

Netanyahu leads in defending Americans

It is truly a sad day for the Republic when the prime minister of Israel is a better defender of the general American public than the sitting president of the United States.

A.J. Angelino


Game should have been in Schenectady

I was involved with Schenectady Little League for 25 years and served several terms as president. I feel compelled to respond to the misguided decision by Little League district officials regarding an incident with a Schenectady parent at a regional game being played in Saratoga Springs and the subsequent switching of playing locations to Scotia.

The parent was ejected and asked to leave the park and words were exchanged between fans. The series was best of three, with game one at Saratoga, game two (originally scheduled) at Schenectady and game three, if needed, at Saratoga.

Schenectady Little League was formed in 1948 and has a storied history. Northside, Bellevue and J.C Little Leagues were formed soon after and eventually combined to form the Schenectady Little League of today.

Combined we have won the 1954 Little League World Series Championship, finished second in 1953, and third in 1959. In addition, we have won 15-plus district championships, and been to the state and regional competitions at least four times. Famous Schenectady Little League alumni include: Billy Connors, Joey Loudis, Jim Barberi, Bill Massucci and Casper Wells, as well as countless police officers, firefighters, community leaders and hard-working citizens of Schenectady.

Parent behavior has been an issue all over the country in every youth sport and is not unique to Schenectady. The district officials and league presidents should have held an emergency meeting to address any concerns that anyone had and dealt with the issue head on. Instead, Schenectady Little League, former players and the citizens of Schenectady suffered a devastating decision due to the rash and unfair actions of the district officials.

Our children and fans are like anyone else and deserved to have the same home field advantage that was given to Saratoga. We support our team and players, and this game should have been played in Schenectady. If there is a problem or issue, address it and face it directly. And remember, that youth sports are for the children and that decisions made by adults can have lasting effects and take the spirit and fun of the game away.

At a time when youth baseball participation in economically challenged communities across the country is at an all-time low, there is no reason for adults to rob our children of the joy of America’s pastime.

Carmen Pantalone


US has long history interfering in Iran

The United States has a sordid history with Iran, beginning with Eisenhower’s using the CIA to overthrow the first democratically elected government in Iranian history.

Mohammad Mosaddegh was elected in 1952 and in 1953. He nationalized Iran’s oil that had been confiscated by the British for decades. He offered compensation to England for all its installations, and Churchill asked Eisenhower to overthrow Mosaddegh and return Iran’s oil to England.

In 1953, Eisenhower, using the CIA’s Kermit Roosevelt Jr., (grandson of Theodore Roosevelt) to plot a coup using bags of U.S. dollars to bribe Iranian gangs to riot, made it appear as a true uprising. The government fell, Mosaddegh was jailed, and the United States instilled Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, a puppet dictator, assisted by a brutal secret police, SAVAK, created by the CIA and Israel.

The shah, promoted by Eisenhower’s “Atoms for Peace” plan, began to develop nuclear energy programs in Iran.

Roosevelt was given the National Security Medal. But in keeping with this use of deception and skullduggery, it was kept secret for years (In 1954, Eisenhower overthrew the government of Guatemala).

Iran has been sanctioned to prevent the possibility of Iran’s developing nuclear weapons. However, Israel has had nuclear weapons for many years without penalty. This double standard is difficult to explain, but the best solution would be to rid the Middle East of all nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, that will probably never be an option — just wishful thinking.

Mary Jane Valochovic


Sale of body parts a concern for all people

Re July 19 David Harsanyi column, “Outraged over Planned Parenthood’s sale of body parts”: No matter what side of the debate you are on, everyone should be concerned that we understand where this leads to. Many people are surprised that fetal experimentation takes place. But the horror is real and described in prestigious medical journals.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a supporter of Hitler’s Nazi Party and a believer in eugenics. Eugenics is the driving force behind euthanasia, embryo and fetal research, and in-vitro fertilization. Nazi-era eugenics on a new generation of Americans. Can we avoid repeating a dark chapter of history?

During World War II, doctors performed many experiments on humans. “Never Again” is written on one of the memorials in Dachau. Planned Parenthood is responsible for more than one-third of abortions in the United States.

The Supreme Court did rule that a human being in the womb is not a baby, then anything goes with the little unborn human. The baby becomes human enough for experimentation and research, but not human enough to live. This was stated as early as March 1973 in Connecticut, the attorney general testified before the U.S. Supreme Court that at Yale-Haven Hospital, a living viable aborted baby boy had been dissected without anesthesia until he died.

Dr. Martti Kakomaki would take late-term babies aborted and still alive slice then open and ransack their organs. The baby had complete body, hands, feet, mouth and ears. Asked to explain the reason for this atrocious “experiment,” Kekomaki replied that: “An aborted baby is just garbage.”

Is this what we have come to in America? We teach our children that the child in the womb is garbage. What good can come for society selling aborted baby parts for experimentations? Mother Teresa once said that abortion is the greatest destroyer of love and life. Will the day come soon when we can say “never again.”

Joanne Clough


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