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Alleged Schenectady hit-and-run driver held on $50K bail

The driver accused of striking two men in succession with a van on State Street Friday evening, kill

The driver accused of striking two men in succession with a van on State Street Friday evening, killing one of them, was ordered held Tuesday morning on $50,000 cash bail.

Adimu J. Goodwin, 41, of Schenectady, faces second-degree manslaughter charges, as well as other counts related to the death of pedestrian Jerry Faine and hospitalization of pedestrian Donald Shaffer.

Goodwin is accused of first striking the 61-year-old Shaffer on State Street near Moyston Street and then fleeing that scene. Soon after, he struck the 29-year-old Faine about four blocks away near Waldorf Place, police said. Goodwin then drove down Waldorf, abandoned the van and fled on foot into the nearby cemetery, police said.

Faine died of his injuries; Shaffer was taken to Albany Medical Center where he was in stable condition.

Police said Goodwin was driving with a suspended license and didn’t have permission to drive the van, which was apparently his employer’s. Police have also said they have no reason to believe he was under the influence of any substances.

The manslaughter count carries a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in prison. Prosecutor Stephanie Hughes of the Schenectady County District Attorney’s Office said she will be reviewing the case to determine if more serious charges apply.

Court paperwork indicates the charges are based on four separate witnesses, one of whom identified Goodwin from a photo array. Police also have video evidence. State Street has multiple surveillance cameras.

Goodwin turned himself in to police Monday afternoon. Carmen DePoalo, who has known Goodwin for several years through Pop Warner football in Schenectady, drove him to the station and went inside with him. DePoalo is head coach; Goodwin is one of several assistants.

DePoalo and several family and friends of Goodwin attended Tuesday morning’s arraignment. Afterward, DePoalo said he’s known Goodwin for several years through the team.

He said Goodwin was at practice near Mont Pleasant Middle School about an hour before the pedestrians were struck.

The team practiced again Monday night and DePoalo had to explain to the 12- and 13-year-olds what happened.

“We feel bad for Muey,” DePoalo said, “but most of all we realize that there was a life taken and that’s the message that our kids need to understand. I ask the kids pray for the victim, pray for coach Muey.”

In court Tuesday, defense attorney Brendan Keller asked that Goodwin be released without having to post bail. He noted Goodwin turned himself in. Keller noted Goodwin has prior convictions, but he appeared to say the most recent was from 1998.

The prosecutor in court, though, noted Goodwin is accused of striking one man and fleeing and then striking and killing a second man and fleeing again.

Judge Mark Blanchfield ordered Goodwin held on $50,000 cash or $125,000 bond.

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