Exercise your rights or risk losing them

*Exercise your rights or risk losing them *Clock cartoon didn’t depict truth of matter *American Pha

Exercise your rights or risk losing them

Re Sept. 10 letter, “Cop taunter got paid for irresponsible acts,” by Mary Ann Bruno: Is a police officer “doing his duty” when he stops someone for what courts have ruled is an act of free speech? Is it a “vicious act” for someone to “practice his rights?” Should police be allowed to create the law instead of just upholding it?

Mary Ann Bruno seems to answer “yes.” But as objectionable as many find it, when Adam Rupeka “flipped off” a Saratoga cop, he was acting within the law — and testing whether police would as well. Rupeka was exercising his rights, and like muscles, rights are either exercised or they waste away to nothing. Would Ms. Bruno be comfortable with no constitutional rights at all, living in a police state where cops make the law whatever they want it to be?

We live in a nation of laws that should be respected, both by average citizens and police — whether they agree with them or not. It seems that Mr. Rupeka had more respect for the law than the Saratoga police officer who arrested him.

Our country was founded by defying authority and practicing rights. July 4th is about freedom, not just fireworks.

James J. Chevalier


Clock cartoon didn’t depict truth of matter

I am writing to protest the political cartoon depicting a cop arresting the “clock boy” just because of his name and the color of his skin [Sept. 22 Gazette].

Had you done your due diligence, you would have found out the true facts behind that kid’s arrest. He didn’t invent that clock. He merely took apart an existing “countdown clock.” He kept it running on purpose and carried it around in first a briefcase and then a backpack. He made sure that it went off in class so that a teacher had to notice it and send him to the principal’s office.

Any sane person who saw it would have thought that it was a bomb. The school and the police acted properly. The Chapter of Cair in Irving, Texas, was behind it and this kid’s whole family is made up of political activists.

Shame on you and the whole mainstream media for perpetuating the lie of discrimination.

Terry K. Hurlburt


American Pharoah gave us a great ride

Saratoga Race Course lived up to its name with great entertainment for the racing fans at the Traver’s Stakes.

American Pharoah is a rock star, a Triple Crown winner and a great horse, even though he lost the Travers. We have to thank owner Ahmed Zayat and trainer Bob Baffert for allowing American Pharoah to run in the Travers. It was a great day for all racing fans.

American Pharoah will go down in the history books as one of the great ones. The bottom line is, no one wins forever. Thank you American Pharoah for a great show.

Oh yeah, good luck to Keen Ice, the winner. May you have a good run for the money.

Sid Gordon

Saratoga Springs

Candidates should have known better

Recently Roger Hull, the Republican/Conservative candidate for mayor of Schenectady complained of an egregious error which resulted in he and his Republican running mates not being listed on the November ballot as the so-called Alliance Party. This was due to their failure to legally accept the line via the Board of Elections.

He may have a point. He says he takes “full responsibility” for the error and well he should. This is the second time Mr. Hull has tried to become mayor, and he had to follow the same election laws then as he does now. In addition, one of his running mates is Michael Cuevas, Republican city chairman, former city corporation counsel under Al Jurczynski, election law specialist and former candidate.

So yes, it is egregious that these politicians are so ignorant of the law or sloppy in adhering to it, and it is outrageous that they want us to entrust them with running the city of Schenectady.

Schenectady has come a long way in the last few years. Do we really want to turn back the clock to the incompetence that drove our fair city into the ground?

I think not.

Marva Isaacs


The writer is president of the Hamilton Hill Neighborhood Association.

Political games at play in Schenectady

I have been reading about the coincidental “oversight” of the Board of Elections in not sending notices to candidates with the deadline to accept or decline a nomination (Gazette, Sept. 17 and 18). Notices were not sent to Roger Hull or City Council candidates Vince Riggi, Mike Cuevas, Tom Verret and Ann Rigley to accept the nomination, so they will not have the Alliance designation on the ballot in this year’s general election.

John Conklin, spokesman with the state Board of Elections, said he was incorrect when he previously told The Gazette that the county board was not required to send notice of the Aug. 21 deadline to accept the nomination for an independent nominating body.

What makes it more suspicious is that when sending notices to the Democratic candidates, it should have rung a bell that there are others who should also be notified.

The way things have been going with this administration, one begins to wonder what else is happening in our fair city. They do not have transparency about anything — they do not listen to the people during “privilege of the floor” at council meetings. They do not look out for our city in dealing with the Galesi Group and Rush Gaming by looking into the many problems connected to the upcoming casino. And, of course, they did not let The Gazette photograph the new pylon sign, which will be taller than the Masonic building on the corner of State Street and Erie Boulevard.

Neither are they checking into the brightness of this pylon sign affecting the neighborhoods in the area.

I presume many other people of Schenectady are wondering whether games were being played in the Alliance Party situation. It would not surprise me in the least.

Jessie Malecki


Happy with Ellis, not with General Electric

I was so happy to read in the Sept. 18 Daily Gazette that the New York State Nurses Association nurses and Ellis Hospital came to an agreement without having to strike and that the deal was “overwhelmingly” approved by union members.

It’s been 12 weeks since my open heart surgery at Ellis, and I can’t imagine having to worry about who would be taking care of me at such a critical time in my life.

I was already pretty nervous about the general nature of the surgery and the negative press that Ellis Hospital has received lately. I was fortunate enough to have a few weeks to research the cardiac unit at Ellis and the doctors that would be caring for me.

I spoke to many people who had procedures done there recently and all of them had only good things to say about their stay in the cardiac intensive care unit.

In fact, they not only were satisfied, but said they were pleased above and beyond their expectations. I am happy to say the same. Not only did all of the staff give me exceptional, professional, quality care, but they also made sure my family was comfortable and also addressed their worries and concerns.

I am so grateful we are lucky enough to have such a distinct, quality hospital, staff and team of doctors available in our own backyards. Many thanks to Dr. Herbert Reich for being such an expert surgeon (Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. America’s Top Doctors) and being such a down-to-earth guy who was so patient putting all my wife’s fears to rest; CICU nurses, Nancy, Peter, Shaz and and all the staff I encountered who treated me with nothing but expertise and genuine care and concern.

That also includes the very knowledgeable and expert staff in the cardiac rehab department.

Because of them, Tracy, Steve, Maureen, Lisa and Nancy, I am well on my way to a wonderful recovery.

Also, is it just me, or does anyone else notice that when General Electric introduces a new product, it’s on the cutting edge, the first of its kind, revolutionary? But when they close factories, eliminate jobs or cut benefits and pensions to millions of people and their families, instead of being at the forefront, they claim to only be following the “current trend” of business practices.

Oh yeah, do they mention when they make moves like that, they make billions of dollars in profits while paying almost nothing in taxes? In case you don’t know, the answer is no.

Johnnie Whitehead


The writer is the former vice president of Local #301.


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