McCarthy has done a lot to upgrade parks

*McCarthy has done a lot to upgrade parks *We must respect the Supreme Court *Safford will be the

McCarthy has done a lot to upgrade parks

In response to Mr. Dennis Quinn’s Sept. 20 Letter to the Editor, “Let’s hear from the mayoral candidates,” I would like to take issue with one of his specific points. Mr. Quinn is simply wrong about the city’s investment (or lack thereof as he indicates) in our city parks.

Over the last four years, as chair of the Woodlawn Park Redevelopment Committee, I have worked with Mayor Gary McCarthy and his city staff to address incremental improvements to this park. Specifically, through neighborhood volunteer efforts and community support, the city has filled the nonviable pool (now the site of beach volleyball) and removed the surrounding fencing to increase visibility into the park, enabling residents to feel safe when visiting.

Just last year, the city constructed a new pavilion in the park (now the site for group gatherings, picnics and the summer free lunch program for youth). And new pavilions have been built at other parks in recent years.

Mayor McCarthy’s commitment to improving the neighborhoods has also been evident with his investment in the city’s parks. He appropriated $250,000 in the 2015 budget for new playground equipment, and six of the city’s parks (and neighborhoods) will soon be the benefactor of having new recreational areas for its youth.

The mayor’s commitment will not stop here, as he recognizes the importance of carrying this momentum. He’s revived the city’s Recreational Advisory Commission, which is tasked with identifying the needs of the city’s parks and to make recommendations moving forward for the next several years.

I guess Mr. Quinn simply missed The Gazette’s articles on this initiative.

Spero Zoulas


We must respect the Supreme Court

After watching and listening to presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz with regard to the elected representative in Kentucky not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, I thank God they have no chance of winning the presidency.

I, too, disagree with the ruling from the Supreme Court on same sex-marriage. But as an American, I accept it as the law of the land. When an elected representative takes office, they swear to uphold our laws and if one’s conscience comes in conflict with our laws, they should resign their elected position.

Republicans want it their way or no way when it comes to decisions made by the court. When the court decides a case in their favor, they stand firm with the court. When the court decides against their favor, people like Huckabee and Cruz say there needs to be change in what the court can and cannot do.

Huckabee made a statement saying: “Five unelected lawyers have no right making decisions.” These same five unelected lawyers ruled on several cases the Republicans and Mr. Huckabee favored and there was nothing but praise given.

The Hobby Lobby decision and the decision saying corporations are people stand out as examples. Cruz, a person born in another country, shouldn’t even be in the running. The coming election will surely go down in history as the biggest circus act since Barnum & Bailey. Loud mouth Trump as Bozo the Clown, with Huckbee and Cruz , make an act that is hard to follow.

We are a nation of laws, and those who can’t or won’t abide by them have no place in our government. God help us.

Gary P. Guido


Safford will be the leader Yepsen is not

Saratoga Springs Mayor Joanne Yepsen has been taking heat for not being transparent, even though that has been her core promise for eight campaigns.

This challenge obviously hit a nerve, as she and her supporters are arguing that she is transparent because she is accessible. But that’s not transparent.

Mayor Yepsen: You’re going to actually need some substance. Transparent is making a decision and clearly communicating what you believe and your rationale. Without that, a mayor can’t be a leader, and Joanne Yepsen has not been leading our city on important issues including the City Center garage, the Collamer lot, and Saratoga National’s proposed golf resort.

Blogger John Kaufman asked whether she would vote for or against a change in the zoning law that would help Saratoga National Golf Course become a resort. Yepsen wrote a 130-word reply in which she refused to answer whether she was for or against this critical and controversial project.

Apparently, she plans to delay announcing her decision until the last minute. This is not transparent. This is not leadership. Saratoga Springs residents deserve better than this. We deserve John Safford for mayor.

Richard Sellers

Saratoga Springs

Replace Jackson on money, not Hamilton

Many Americans think that a woman should replace one of the many men on our paper money. Bruce Dearstein wrote a column in which he suggested that Alexander Hamilton’s picture on a $10 bill be replaced by a woman, either Harriet Tubman or Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I agree with Dearstein that a woman should replace one of the men on our paper money, but not the $10 bill.

Andrew Jackson is the worst president the United States ever had. At least the Cherokee Indians think so, and for good reason. When gold was discovered on Cherokee land in Georgia, whites wanted the land. The Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokees had a right to their Georgia land. But in spite of the Supreme Court’s ruling, Jackson ordered the Cherokees to go to Oklahoma and sent troops with them to ensure they went — 5,000 Cherokees died on the way due to cold and starvation.

Jackson should have been impeached for his treatment of the Cherokees.

K.C. Halloran


Gibson leading fight over climate change

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson has a long history of facing an uphill battle. He’s a military veteran and saw combat in Iraq. He’s worked hard, often in the face of resistance, to uphold his belief that his constituency, people like you and me, want action in Washington to provide solutions and economic policies that support small businesses and homeowners.

And now, as part of this effort, Gibson is leading an effort to break with partisan bickering in Congress to help move forward to solutions to climate change. Recently, Gibson introduced legislation that will allow for discussions related to market-based solutions to slow down the use of fossil fuels and grow the economy.

With increasing evidence of the growing problem of climate change to our economy, health, military, and way of life, there is a growing realization that we need solutions and incentives that will help small businesses and local families. Gibson and 10 other representatives in Congress are sponsoring a bill that would allow the discussion of these solutions.

Gibson knows that for America to thrive, and for small communities like ours to support local businesses and families to find a place in the American dream, we need to take action now. He’s willing to face hard truths to ensure that market-based solutions and incentives will be proactive, rather than increasing taxes to cover the costs of massive costs for disaster relief and leaving us, as homeowners, with increasing costs due to extreme weather and related insurance costs.

Judith Anderson



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