More must be done to fight heroin abuse

The heroin epidemic needs to be addressed on several fronts

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Your Oct. 4 editorial regarding the heroin crisis was spot on. This problem is everywhere. It’s in our neighborhoods; it’s in our schools. Heroin and opiate abuse has risen to epidemic levels, and there is nobody that it has not affected in some way.

I’m glad to see the Schenectady County sheriff’s office being proactive and dedicating resources to a full-time narcotics enforcement unit to locate and punish the dealers who are bringing these deadly drugs onto our streets. It’s much needed and I applaud their efforts.

The heroin epidemic needs to be addressed on several fronts. We need to do everything possible to make sure there are proper treatment and recovery options available, that we are promoting effective prevention and education efforts, and that we are properly punishing the dealers that are bringing these drugs onto our streets.

The state Senate passed a comprehensive package of common sense bills earlier this year that would have taken steps that would have helped in our efforts to curb the heroin problem in our communities. I hope the Assembly will join us in passing these measures when we return to session so we can finally make some meaningful progress in this battle.



The writer is a state senator.

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