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Raise gasoline tax to fix roads and bridges

A recent study by a civil engineering group gave New York’s roads and bridges poor marks. Local and state transportation engineers know this, yet can do little to remedy the situation due to a lack of funds.

The federal tax on fuel was last set in 1993 at 18.4 cents per gallon. New York’s fuel taxes are similarly low. With pump prices at historic lows, now is the time to either raise these taxes or institute a mileage tax so as to repair and maintain our transportation infrastructure at safe levels.

Will our state and federal legislators have the courage to act appropriately, or must we wait for more fatalities from failed bridges and roads?

The good people of South Carolina now have the painful knowledge of what happens when roads and bridges are not adequately maintained.

Ted Thompson


No reason to allow mourning dove hunt

Re Oct. 8 article, “Mourning dove hunt is being considered”: So now your esteemed “outdoor journalist” Ed Noonan in on the bandwagon to help pass a state bill that would allow New York state hunters to shoot mourning doves — up to 15 a day per shooter.

Seriously? Mourning doves? What harm to they impose to people or wildlife? Why do their ranks need to be thinned?

And why in the world would you want to shoot an innocent, beautiful creature such as a mourning dove, which has one of the most melodic, haunting songs in all of nature? I just don’t understand it. What in the world are you thinking?

Mr. Noonan adds that he has hunted them before in Mexico and that he “ … was surprised how tasty they can be.”

Do you want a tasty bird, Ed? Go to a supermarket and buy yourself a chicken!

Alan Hart


Accusing GOP of lies is just a distraction

This is in response to Diane Hombach’s Oct. 5 letter of once again attacking the George W. Bush administration and particularly Dick Cheney and his so-called lies; blaming him specifically for the entire war and all its repercussions, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

She says to ask him and the Republican Party if truth is old-fashioned.

Apparently, Duane Watkins’ Sept. 21 letter reviewing some of Hillary’s latest lies in the ever-changing, never-the-same-story-twice email scandal has upset her to the point we have to go over the Iraq War causes/effects again for what seems like the zillionth time in a very weak effort to change the subject. That is the Dem/liberals favorite tactic when they read or hear something they don’t like.

Cheney must be smarter than Superman’s rival, Lex Luthor, to have single-handedly manipulated events all over the globe to get other countries to join us in toppling Saddam.

Even most of the Dems, including Hillary, were persuaded to vote for the war.

But enough of the distraction as to whether he “lied” or not, as it will only result in an endless, unprovable argument.

However, to get a provable list of some real Democrat lies, read the Oct. 6 letter by Donald Wager. He listed 13 of them and they are real whoppers. If Obama was Pinocchio, he’d have to be made of redwood to have enough lumber for his nose.

The truth isn’t old-fashioned in the Obama administration. It simply doesn’t even exist. Your distraction tactic doesn’t work.

Marc A. Smalkin


Attach GPS to ships, planes to aid search

I’m sure that every ship and airliner currently in use is equipped with a GPS unit that would be used to determine their exact location.

Suppose we take one of these scaled-down units, place it in a floating device with a serious battery, and attach it to the mast of all ships and also to the tail of all the flights that travel over water.

When the ship or airplane goes down and the unit begins to float, it would activate and start sending out the coordinates of its location.

Wouldn’t this make it easier for search-and-rescue teams to locate the general area that the survivors and black boxes might be found?

Or am I missing something?

Theodore Dick


Yepsen has shown leadership in Spa City

We the citizens of Saratoga Springs should consider ourselves fortunate to have Joanne Yepsen as our mayor.

She is an example of a public servant who understands the meaning of bipartisan leadership in the governance of our city, while building a portfolio of benefits for all of us.

She initiated a new Business Advisory Council to increase economic activity and growth. She also has shown strong environmental credentials by initiating the Open Space Advisory Committee and by her efforts to purchase the 160-acre Pitney Farm for a multiuse agricultural center in the city.

These, along with the recently opened Waterfront Park on Saratoga Lake, which is a recreational boon to the entire city, are but a few examples of her many accomplishments.

Other examples are the strong and constant support of local horse racing and related commerce, the promotion of our city at the state and national level, and the elimination of local veteran homelessness.

Joanne has demonstrated an unusual ability to govern with vision, transparency and compassion, while always keeping an open-door policy.

These are the reasons that our mayor, Joanne Yepsen, must be re-elected to continue her excellent service to the citizens of Saratoga Springs.

Philip H. Diamond

Saratoga Springs

Safford has integrity, intelligence for mayor

I have never known a more honest and candid person than John Safford. John is running for mayor of Saratoga and I wholeheartedly endorse him for that office.

John is a sincere man of high intelligence, integrity, patience, compassion and has a very positive attitude every time I see him, which is once a week for the past three years when we meet for conversation and coffee.

John is a former intelligence officer of the U.S. Army for whom I have great respect and am proud to be a friend.

John is a person who cares about people and taking care of their needs, having managed the needs of thousands of homeowners as manager of a homeowners’ association in the Saratoga area for many years now. Even when we have our meetings together, he usually will be interrupted with a phone call or two by a client with a special problem that needs attention. John is quick to respond and take care of it. And I have never heard him get angry or impatient while talking with a client.

To get the word out, John has knocked on over 3,200 doors in Saratoga, and he tells me he enjoys it, having gotten the opportunity to talk to scores of people about why he is running for office and the issues that Saratoga is facing.

If John happens to knock on your door, please take the opportunity to talk with him. You will never meet a more likeable and gracious man than John Safford.

Rev. David Bauscher


Election Deadline

The deadline for letters related to the Nov. 3 general election is 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23.


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