Women often coerced into having abortions

*Women often coerced into having abortions *Homeless cats must be spayed/neutered *Cleveland offers

Women often coerced into having abortions

Re Oct. 20 letter, “Planned Parenthood not same as Nazis”: Mr. Winn states: “Our female population has the right to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy, not you or your fascist friends and religious.”

Does Mr. Winn know that most abortions are unwanted or coerced? Many women are offered only one choice — abortion. Abortion advocates want to hide the truth about what abortion does; it kills an unborn child.

Most women are pressured to choose abortion in order to comply with the wishes of others, from deceptive or coercive counseling at the abortion clinic to job and housing discrimination. Escalating pressure to abort can come from employers, husbands, parents, doctors, partners and profit-driven abortion businesses, as well as schools without parental consent.

Abortion advocates desperately hide the truth about the abortion aftermath to women. Some women suffer alone; others find groups such as Silent No More, Rachel’s Vineyard or one of over 100 groups for confidential, post-abortion counseling.

They can learn at these groups how to deal with their post-abortion stress in a nonjudgmental, respectful and knowledgeable way.

Joanne Clough


Homeless cats must be spayed/neutered

Thank you New York State Humane Society for offering a reward along with the SPCA for information leading to the person(s) who nailed the cat to a tree in Schenectady.

You can guarantee whoever did this will probably grow up to be a serial killer. Only a pyschopath would do that. I’ve been in cat rescue for many years and that particular area in Schenectady has a lot of homeless cats.

Homeowners think they are doing a good thing by feeding homeless cats, but they are making the problem worse because these animals need to be spayed/neutered. It will only get worse because cats can have several litters a year, which can produce many kittens per litter.

Please contact a local rescue group and ask how they can help in your area. Spaying and neutering is crucial.

Linda knights


Cleveland offers best solutions for town

I am proud to be supporting Yvonne Cleveland for Rotterdam town supervisor. She has dedicated over 20 years to volunteering for our youth in Rotterdam and has a strong financial background of almost 30 years.

She is fed up with the high taxes in Rotterdam like the rest of us and appears to have the financial experience and dedication to our town with no political ties. What a breath of fresh air at a time when we need someone as supervisor that is not a politician. She has actually outlined a plan for improving our business districts and working with our neighborhoods and police department to address the growing crime problems in our town.

She is offering solutions and not complaining. I am voting for Yvonne Cleveland for supervisor.

Terry Tetlak


Polimeni will make great city councilman

I choose John Polimeni as candidate for Schenectady City Council. John has invaluable experience in economics and finance, which will serve the city well. He is the only candidate to talk about job creation, the issue of poverty and to have plans to help the community. His work in economics is highly respected.

John has lived in Schenectady his entire life, so he knows the people, the neighborhoods and the struggles that we have. He has volunteered for projects and assisted numerous people working on the Board of Commissioners of the Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority and as vice president of Better Neighborhoods, Inc.

He is honest and pragmatic, and he brings insight into our community’s problems and needs. He has a willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, setting him far apart from the other candidates’ talk.

With proud enthusiasm, I am expressing my support for John Polimeni for Schenectady City Council in the upcoming election and to spread the word to others of the value of his policies and abilities.

Candace Robinson


Schopf has demeanor, experience for judge

I am writing this letter to support Jonathan Schopf for the position of town judge. Jon has been my attorney, both personally and for my business. He has always treated my legal matters with the utmost care and respect. Jon has the ability and passion to effectively serve as a judge in our town.

Jon has consistently demonstrated to me an ability to think outside the box and always been able to find creative solutions to problems.

I feel that the town justice positions in our town should be filled by attorneys who have practical experience representing people. Jon has demonstrated experience as both a legal counselor and as an advocate for individuals in the courtroom that gives him a unique perspective that Clifton Park could benefit from.

Jon is a wonderful, compassionate man who represents animal rescue organizations and works hard to protect some of the most vulnerable in our society.

The key difference in the candidates this election is that Jon lives and owns his own business here in Clifton Park and will be available at all times, while his opponent works for New York state in Albany and is absent during the daytime.

It is for these reasons and more that I am asking our community to please vote for Jonathan Schopf on Nov. 3.

Denise Bagramian

Clifton Park

Disclose background info on columnists

You chose to publish David Harsanyi’s Oct. 17 column, “Democrat Jim Webb emerges as a true American hero.” I agree there is much to admire about Webb.

But although Harsanyi presents the essay as a tribute to Webb, he can’t restrain himself: He can’t resist the temptation to blast and ridicule Bernie Sanders, “a less threatening socialist who regularly lectures thousands of excitable sycophants about the need for more coercion and redistribution.”

The editorial page editor does his readers (and truth) no favor by failing (or deciding not) to reveal the fact that Mr. Harsanyi is not simply a “nationally syndicated columnist,” as the byline he assigns to the piece would have his readers believe.

Harsanyi is, as a matter of public record, a salaried flack for ultra-conservative think-tanks. He is senior editor at The Federalist, an ultra-conservative online magazine founded in 2013 by Benjamin Domenech, and a former speechwriter for conservative politicians who boasts ties to The Manhattan Institute and The Heartland Institute. All three organizations rely upon donor money to push a chosen point of view.

To describe Harsanyi as a mere nationally syndicated columnist is about as accurate as describing either a Monsanto PR writer or a Greenpeace activist as merely a “science writer.”

Gazette readers deserve a more thorough honesty from you.

Alan Knight


Editor’s Note: Earlier in the year, The Gazette published biographies for all of our syndicated columnists and political cartoonists. We plan to publish them again at the beginning of 2016.

DeLucia experienced, involved and helpful

I am writing to express my support for Malta town Supervisor candidate Vince DeLucia. I have known Vince for 25 years as a friend and as an administrator. I had the privilege to work under Vince in my training when I became certified as a DARE officer. He was the elementary school principal where I trained and he was always focused on the task at hand.

He assured me I would have a great learning experience with quality teachers and students. I received exactly that. He was responsible for the day-to-day operation, safety and interactions with parents, staff and children. Vince was also involved in the budget process, hiring staff, conducting ongoing personnel reviews and was never afraid to get his hands dirty helping others.

He was always accessible and made sound decisions after considering each situation. I have always received great advice and help whenever I have asked Vince. His personality and outgoing character will be a great asset to the town of Malta.

Although I do not live in Malta, I hope Malta residents consider him for the supervisor’s position and give a great individual a chance to work to benefit the town.

Timothy Brown

Ballston Spa

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