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Federal authorities move to seize cash sent in mail

Federal authorities are trying to seize more than $26,000 in cash which a Clifton Park man tried to

Federal authorities are trying to seize more than $26,000 in cash which a Clifton Park man tried to send through the mail to California, contending the funds are drug proceeds.

Authorities said the money should be seized based on the sender’s explanations and his later arrest in New Jersey.

The sender, identified in a U.S. District Court filing as Barry Connor of Clifton Park, does not face any charges in connection with the money shipment.

However, federal authorities note in the filing that Connor was later charged with possessing a pound of marijuana during a summer traffic stop in New Jersey.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Albany filed a complaint in federal court asking a judge to allow it to formally seize the money.

Connor has formally requested the money be returned to him. Connor’s Troy-based attorney, James Knox, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

According to the filing, federal postal inspectors seized the cash shipments on April 27. An inspector at the processing and distribution center in Albany noticed three parcels addressed from Connor to a man in Chico, California.

The inspector smelled the packages and reported detecting an odor of marijuana. He also noted other aspects of the shipment, including how it was sent. Inspectors then used a canine to check the packages. The canine indicated the smell of drugs.

An investigator contacted Connor, who told the inspector they contained pillowcases and some money. Connor consented to a search of the packages.

Investigators found both pillowcases and cash. They found $6,040 in one package, $9,980 in another and $10,040 in the third.

Connor allegedly said the money was to invest in property near Sacramento, however, he couldn’t name where the property was located. He told inspectors that he sent the money to a “friend of a friend” and that the recipient suggested mailing the cash because using banks to send more than $10,000 would be suspicious.

Connor denied selling drugs, instead saying he had earned the money and saved it over a long period of time. He did admit to possessing a small amount of marijuana at his residence.

Federal authorities also note that Connor was arrested in July in New Jersey after a traffic stop. Police there noted a small bag of marijuana in Connor’s center console and multiple cellphones.

Connor consented to a search of his car, where officers found about one pound of marijuana, 61 grams of “Molly” and eight pills suspected to be Vicodin. Police also found numerous small plastic baggies, two scales and six cellphones.

The filing did not indicate the status of Connor’s New Jersey case.

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