Move Palestinians to Jordan to resolve Middle East crisis

*Move Palestinians to Jordan to resolve Middle East crisis

Move Palestinians to Jordan to resolve Middle East crisis

I just finished reading The Gazette’s Nov. 10 article, “Obama, Netanyahu renew call for peace.”

The president continues to push for a two-state solution to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

It seems that every country in the world — plus the United Nations — wants the problem solved. This gets more coverage than even ISIS land grabs and beheading of Christians or Russia’s land grab in the Ukraine. Anyone who has any knowledge of the Bible knows that God gave to Abraham the land that today is Israel to the Hebrew people.

After 2,000 years, the Hebrews (Jews) slowly began to return to this land. The land had been neglected, and only back-breaking work made the land slowly begin to approach the land of milk and honey. Palestinian Arabs began to drift in and settle in these new prospering areas. At first, there was little trouble. But soon, Arab agitators turned the Palestinians against the Jews, and the massacres of Jews began. The hatred has increased over the years. We still see it today, as evidenced, for instance, by the stabbing of Israelis by Palestinians.

The answer to solving this two-state solution has always been and still is right before our eyes. God had set the boundary. The boundary is the Jordan River. The Palestinians already have a state. That state is Jordan. More than 80 percent of the population is Palestinian. That is the two-state solution — the Palestinian State already exists. Problem solved.

Throughout history, there have been movements of peoples individually or in large numbers from one piece of land to another. Some moved to be closer to their kin or for a better life.

Those Palestinians that are unhappy in Israel should move to Jordan. I am sure that the oil-rich Arab countries would be glad to pay for the resettlement of their Palestinian Arab brothers in their rightful homeland. Now the world would be happy and we can concentrate on other issues.

Jonas Kover


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