Grateful to Golub for offering perspective

*Grateful to Golub for offering perspective *Convert city's Carver Center to a Guys Inc. *Learn abou

Grateful to Golub for offering perspective

Thank you, Neil Golub, for putting a better perspective on the revitalization of downtown Schenectady with your Nov. 22 guest column, “Metroplex accomplished what failed politics could not.”

How sad it is to have politicians twist, hide, and/or ignore “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Thank you, Neil, for acknowledging some of our unsung heroes such as yourself, your father, Roger Hull, George Robertson, Wally Graham, David Oliker and Harry Apkarian.

Thank you for telling “the rest of the story.”

Sue Penny


Convert city’s Carver Center to a Guys Inc.

I have a suggestion for Carver Community Center.

Make it a Guys Inc. for little guys and big guys. Have a space for a basketball court and a gym room. We already have a Girls Inc., Why not a Guys Inc., too.

Maybe you could have “pick up” games with city employees.

Peg Lapo


Learn about refugees before judging them

Re Nov. 22 letter, “Inviting refugees into county is insanity”: Mr. Michael Blyskal provides an impressive and apparently accurate list of statistics on Islamic terrorism. From this he concludes that we’re insane for allowing Syrian refugees into our country.

His logic suffers from one fatal flaw. He confuses Syrian refugees with terrorists. That assumption is no less bigoted than any other racial or ethnic stereotype. There are millions of Syrian refugees. With the possible exception of a tiny minority, they’re regular people trying to “escape” terrorism, not export it.

If you read about the experiences of these people, you might conclude as I have: these are exactly the people we want in our country. These are exactly the kind of people our country was built by.

David Tobey


Hillary will continue assault on our rights

I’m fed up with people who want to take my rights away. I’m fed up with Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama seems to be doing all he can to take our guns away. Clinton gives the impression she will do away with guns if elected president.

I’m tired of the double standards. They surround themselves with Secret Service men who have pistols and automatic weapons, but tell me I don’t have the right to carry a gun and protect myself, especially in a time when we have ISIS and nuts going around killing people.

I’m tired of these politicians who think their lives are more important than mine or yours. Our lives are just as important to our families and friends as theirs are.

Their answers are, ‘You can call the police.’ Well, my answer is, ‘So can you.’ I’m scared that if they try to take away our guns, there will be trouble in this country like it has never seen.

I have no problem with needing a permit to carry a concealed weapon. We need stricter laws for people who have illegal guns, a mandatory 10 years in jail for an illegal weapon. But the truth of it is they don’t really care about the bad guys. They just want to disarm us so they can shove more of their policies down our throats. The real reason our great forefathers wrote the Second Amendment was to stop tyranny.

If Clinton gets elected, you can kiss a lot of our constitutional rights good-bye. The first two to go will No. 1, free speech (almost gone now) and No. 2, the right to bear arms.

Obama says ISIS is “contained.” If that’s true, why do we have to take in all these people? Send them back home; it’s safe. He says the greatest problem to our country is climate change. Then why does he want our guns so badly?

The left and political correctness is killing our great country. I pray and beg you, don’t elect Clinton.

Anthony Monte


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