Silver’s prosecutor deserves recognition

*Silver's prosecutor deserves recognition *Look for wisdom in treatment of refugees *Change politics

Silver’s prosecutor deserves recognition

I would like to nominate Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as “Man of the Year” for successfully prosecuting Sheldon Silver. Mr. Silver will appeal his guilty verdict, but I believe he deserves jail time.

The citizens, voters and taxpayers deserve a break — finally.

Lyle W. Barlyn


Look for wisdom in treatment of refugees

In reading several opinions of late regarding the status of Syrian refugees, particularly the one from your Nov. 28 edition, “Governor: Listen to citizens on refugees;” I couldn’t help going back to Richard Cohen’s column [“Judge historic figures in the full context of their lives”] of the same day. Looking for the wisdom often results in understanding: “The ability and willingness to keep two opposing views in mind at the same time are hallmarks of adulthood.”

A governor’s job is not that of a representative. The job is leadership. And while I do not subscribe to every move that Gov. Cuomo has made during his tenure, I applaud his leadership on the issue of Syrian refugees.

While I do not want to take up space refuting more of the misinformation in Ms. Capullo’s letter, I would just like to remind everyone that we are quite good at producing our own home-grown terrorists/criminals — and that Syrians are not ISIS. Frankly, I should be much more concerned about American and English ISIS recruits.\Finally, I want to thank The Daily Gazette for printing both sides of the issue, and particularly for the recent animation depicting two Native Americans considering whether to let the Pilgrims in.

I would also suggest that those who talk of the tragedy of recent events and fear of terrorists (or people from Syria), please do some reading on the Trail of Tears and then consider the Golden Rule.

Jeffrey L. Schworm


Change politics, get rid of correctness too

Another politician bit the dust. To all politicians, take notice, you could be next. When you are found to be corrupt, you should lose all benefits including your pension. You should be made to follow the rules you make for us.

I also think they should do away with the Electoral College. Only a few states make the decision on who will win. A bunch of bull. Let the people decide.

Another thing to get rid of: political correctness. It’s Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays or holiday tree. It’s the celebration of our lord, Jesus Christ.

James Maxfield


Writer’s conclusions not backed by facts

I found the Nov. 22 letter from Vincent Belardo to be rather interesting.

In the third paragraph of his letter, Mr. Belardo claims that President Obama “has broken our Constitution,” but in paragraph five of the same letter, Mr. Belardo states: “Why should we respect the ruling of an appointed office?” when referring to the U S. Supreme Court.

I suggest Mr. Belardo read Article III of the Constitution of the United States of America, which establishes the Supreme Court. Not respecting the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court is tantamount to not respecting the Constitution.

In paragraph six of his letter, Mr. Belardo claims that Democratic liberals “use eminent domain to take your land and give it to a private contractor.” However, in paragraphs one, four and seven of his letter, Mr. Belardo voices his support for Donald Trump in the current contest for president.

Perhaps Mr. Belardo is unaware that the same Donald Trump that he is supporting for president has stated that “eminent domain is wonderful” and is a strong supporter of a Supreme Court decision, Kelo v. New London, that permitted state and local governments to use eminent domain to seize land from one private owner in order to give it to another private owner.

Does this mean Donald Trump is a “Democratic liberal?”

Victor Roberts

Burnt Hills

Grateful for the care received by Ellis staff

Recently my husband had two medical emergencies, on a Sunday morning and a weekday afternoon, that required treatment in the Ellis Hospital Emergency Department. Both experiences were very positive.

In each instance, a team from the Neurology Unit was there in minutes. The exam and treatment were efficiently and competently done in a caring manner. Both times he was taken to a room on the Neurology Unit in less than two hours.

Special thanks to Valerie, RN, and Jason, CNA, from the ER as well as Katie, PA, and Sandy, RN, from neurology for their compassion and professionalism.

Emily O’Grady


We don’t know what immigrants will bring

I want to add my voice to those who are wary of allowing Syrian refugees into our country. I think this immigration thing has gone too far already.

We let in the Italians, and the next thing we knew, there was a pizza parlor on every corner. We admitted the Irish, and now we have to endure green beer, parades and corned-beef-and-cabbage every March 17.

We’ve had to adjust to Thai noodles, chop suey, bagels, borscht, baklava. Where will it end?

As for Mexican immigrants, I don’t know if 11 million of them are rapists and murderers. I say deport them regardless. Mexicans roll their r’s. They put squiggles over their n’s. Even worse, their food has too many syllables. Enchilada, chili con carne. “Tamale” isn’t bad, but tolerance has its limits.

I don’t know much about Syrians. Don’t they eat grape leaves?

Elaine Pastore



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