CVS store closing like losing family member

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CVS store closing like losing family member

The CVS store on Gerling Street is closing soon, and while it may seem like just one more change around Schenectady, for some people it is the end of an era.

My mother, Sally, is one of those people. She has worked there for over 15 years and in that time she made many lasting friendships, built numerous memories, and I visited her there countless times. In many ways that store was as big a part of my childhood as it was her life. Whether it was at a Christmas party, while grabbing a slice of pizza next door, or simply visiting her on my way home from school, I spent countless hours there growing up.

For her, though, it isn’t just the memories she is going to miss. When she called me to tell me the store was closing after all this time, fighting back tears like only a mother can, the thing she told me she was going to miss the most were her customers — the regulars who she has seen every day for the past decade, some of whom she has watched grow up and others she has grown older with.

She always told me hers was a “family store,” and while she will always have my sister and me, saying goodbye to any family is never an easy thing to do. Good luck mom. I love you.

Adam Magoon


Stop crazy attempts to ban gun ownership

Recently there was another mass shooting in the country and almost immediately another call for a ban on weapons is issued by the fear-mongers. This is the most ill-conceived course of action anyone could possibly think of.

Just a couple of days after the event, it was reported that it had been committed by terrorists, and terrorists do not abide by the law. Forget about stricter background checks on every new purchase of a gun. Even if every legally owned gun in this country was confiscated by the government and destroyed, which I believe is their ultimate goal, it would have zero effect on terrorists who live outside the law.

Yet, in spite of this, President Obama makes a back-door deal with Iran to give nuclear capability to a country known to harbor and to support terrorists. This begs the question, “Who does our government fear the most?” The answer is more than apparent. It is glaringly obvious that left-thinking radicals have far greater fear for law-abiding American citizens than for foreign nationals who hate us and want to destroy us.

I dare say to all of those who support gun control that if someone ever broke into your house in the dead of night intent on rape or robbery, having no qualms about killing anyone who got in their way, you would pray to God that you had a weapon with which to defend yourself or thank God if you did own one.

And if you happened to be somewhere at the start of a terrorist attack, you would do the same thing or pray to God for someone else, anyone else, who was armed and able to put an end to the attack.

We live in a crazy world, and it’s time to stop some of the craziness. It’s time to stop the craziness of trying to ban gun ownership by law-abiding citizens, and it’s time to undo the craziness of giving nuclear capability to foreign nationals who have openly avowed to destroy us.

James Homan


Peace in Middle East focuses on Palestine

Re Nov. 17 letter, “Move Palestinians to Jordan to resolve Middle East crisis”: Jonas Kover is absolutely correct when he says that there already is a Palestinian State, and it is Jordan. When the United Nations created Israel, it created Trans-Jordan, (now just Jordan). At that time, any so-called Palestinian could be compensated for land in what is now Israel and be free to move into Jordan.

Sadly, where Mr. Kover is mistaken is where he submits that other Arab nations will assist Palestinian Arabs. Keep in mind that all those within the Palestinian Protectorate were “Palestinians,” including the Jews living there, who choose to relocate to Jordan. Sadly most of these states have deliberately kept these people in Israel and are fomenting discontent and terrorism.

All it takes for peace in the Middle East is for the United States and other countries to take a hard line on terrorism and the Arab states that continue to refuse to recognize Israel. The United Nations created Israel and Jordan. The world pressured Israel into ceding more territory to create another so-called Palestinian area in Gaza, with a false promise of land for peace (which resulted in more terrorist attacks, not less).

The world condemns Israel, but does not condemn this Palestinian Authority that created concrete tunnels into Israel for kidnapping and terrorism, concrete it could have used to improve the plight of its citizens.

No, sadly the Arab states prefer to maintain a poverty class, indoctrinate hate, and foment terrorism in an effort to annihilate a people the world returned land to.

Bruce S. Trachtenberg


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