Wake up, America, before it’s too late

*Wake up, America, before it’s too late *Liberal-bashing not based on all the facts *Use technology

Wake up, America, before it’s too late

Sept. 5 was my 90th birthday, World War II AAF vet— not bragging but proud of it.

In 1933 my dad got me interested in politics. Have seen many presidents come and go — some good ones and some not so good. But the present president sitting in the Oval Office is the worst yet. This illustrious commander-in-chief is a joke. He could not command a Boy Scout troop.

Neville Kerry and “Oh-Ba-Ma” and crew were blown away at the recent negotiations table concerning the atomic treaty with Iran. When the mullahs got done, these guys were over in the corner whimpering like little puppies. They received what they wanted — what did we got? Barack said they are a JV team (ISIS). What is going to happen when they send in the varsity?

Iran, breeder of terror, track record: Hostages held by Iran during Carter administration, SS Cole bombing, marine barracks bombing, wipe Israel off the map, burn our flag and stomp on it, chant death to America.

After all, we should be good to these people. We have put a cloud of imperialism over them. Now with our weak homeland security and immigration control, this administration wants to let 20,000 or more Syrians into our land? When every city in this country has city missions to feed our poor and hungry. Let’s take care of our own first — homeless vets and the handicapped — Feeding American, St. Labre Indians Christian Appalachian project and countless more.

Recently Marc Smalkin’s Dec. 1 letter [“Liberal positions will not ensure our safety”] of interest: I agree with this gentleman. Hillary on bashing the Second Amendment and the NRA [National Rifle Association]. Hillary has her own laundry to wash.

Nineteen trillion dollars in debt, that’s a lot of money, is it not? What the heck, let’s spend more. As I have said before, wake up, America, back the NRA. Merry Christmas.

Ed Bradt


Liberal-bashing not based on all the facts

William Diman’s Dec. 14 letter [“Thank liberals for all that’s wrong in U.S.”] thanking liberals for all that’s wrong with America is a perfect example of the problem of polarization and partisanship today.

Evidence makes arguments more persuasive, not inflammatory rhetoric. Mr. Diman’s letter proves this by the total inaccuracy of many of his facts and the flagrant omission of others.

First, who “made this a political issue before all of the facts were known?” Second, he argues that we should limit the Fourth Amendment with “reasonable domestic surveillance measures.” Why is limiting the Fourth Amendment fine, but any limitations on the Second Amendment makes us less safe?

Third, exploiting a tragedy, really? Were you alive when the Bush administration sent the Patriot Act to Congress or Colin Powell to the United Nations to make a case for invading Iraq? The phrase “weapons of mass destruction” was said by Powell, Vice President Cheney and Fox News every half hour for two months. Or, in 2004 when conservative strategy was to win re-election by fear mongering? How about the brilliant discussion of energy independence that fails to mention conservative ties to big oil that have stopped solar and wind research and implementation? Political donations from the oil industry — which includes gas producers and refiners, natural gas pipeline companies, gasoline stations and fuel oil dealers — have taken on an increasingly conservative tint over the past two decades.

In the 2012 election cycle, 90 percent of its contributions went to the GOP. Does it matter to Mr. Diman that United States’ proven reserves of oil and natural gas are at an all-time high currently? No? Why not?

Presenting a Salon.com article as evidence of the liberal position on gun control isn’t just factually incorrect, but also irresponsible. Many liberals want common-sense gun control, like reauthorization of the assault weapons ban or limits to magazine size, not an end to the Second Amendment’s protections.

That’s like presuming all conservatives feel like Donald Trump does when he spouts anti-Muslim rhetoric. Facts are stubborn things, Mr. Diman. But don’t let them spoil a perfectly lousy op/ed piece.

Christopher J. Ognibene


Use technology to modernize systems

The news about the appropriation of millions of dollars among the regional economic development councils for business and civi projects is an indication of the support of people to implement the plans created by each region of the state.

The Dec. 11 article stated that the Capital Region Council’s co-chairs will continue to accept projects to implement the plans. Regarding basic infrastructure, the 2011 Plan states: “The Capital Region must be committed to invest a key infrastructure to support growing needs in power, transportation, communications and water.”

Acceptance of this statement for intermunicipal cooperation by officials would improve administration of government budgets. The municipal wastewater treatment facilities consume power and expand many government budget dollars to operate. In Ithaca and Gloversville, municipalities have modernized their treatment systems to convert greenhouse gases from the waste through combined heat and power systems to reduce operational costs and lower consumption from utilities.

Of course, in our area such intermunicipal cooperation could be organized through the Capital District Planning Commission to establish sustainable combined heat and power systems permitted through the Department of Environmental Conservation and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Then the projects could be funded by the Capital Region Council in accordance with its plans, including workforce development programs with vocational education and training for interested residents.

I hope the elected officials of our communities consider modern technology in dealing with our waste and reach out to the co-chairmen of the council.

Michael McGlynn


Malta exit would get traffic off local roads

I attended the Saratoga County Regional traffic Study Public Information Meeting on Dec. 8 at the Malta Community Center.

At the meeting, Creighton Manning Engineering in Albany represented the draft findings of an 18-month $500,000 regional traffic study that examined the impact of GlobalFoundries in the Luther Forest Technology Park and of other development on local traffic, especially traffic in the Malta area.

Essentially, the draft study indicates a new Northway Exit 11A is not needed to accommodate the current and anticipated growth in traffic in the Malta area. This traffic can be accommodated by making intersection improvements on local roads, including the construction of even more roundabouts.

There are already 15 roundabouts in Malta for 13,000 Malta residents. Intersection improvements have not gotten traffic off the local roads in Malta. This traffic congestion is negatively impacting the quality of life of many Malta residents.

The hometown feel and rural landscape of the town is being altered frequently, despite strong public protest. The current traffic management approach of patch, patch, patch — fix this intersection, fix that road — is not working for the local residents.

It is time to build Exit 11A, funneling at least some traffic into the technology park and off of local roads. Hopefully, the next Malta Town Board will do a better job of listening to the Malta residents who are strongly impacted by development in the Luther Forest Technology Campus and surrounding areas.

Cynthia B. Troischt


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