Letter writer objects to characterization

*Letter writer objects to characterization *Animal hospital not disturbing neighbors *Joe, not Eugen

Letter writer objects to characterization

In regard to Sandra Natale’s Dec. 19 letter, “U.S. can’t let fear win over compassion”: Sandy and I have been emailing our views for some time now. We have known each other since grade school. I’m surprised she decided to attack me in The Gazette, but I guess that’s what the far left does when they run out of ammunition.

Any fear I have is for my country, America. I fear what the far left and politically correct are doing to it. (Wow, I almost called America a ‘her.’ I wonder what that would have brought me.)

Sandy acts like I have no compassion for other people. Well, she is so wrong. I have always been the first to help people. But when it comes to helping young men between 18 and 30 or 40, I’m against it. Let them stay in their country and fight for their freedom. Where would America be if in time of need, all the young men ran away to another country?

Yes, I watch Fox News. They tell it like it is and ask good questions, not like CBS, ABC and NBC. With all that is going on in this country today, I listened to a reporter interviewing Obama on CBS: “And what did you have for breakfast today, Mr. President?” Give me a break. Who cares?

Sandy says the Democrats don’t want to take our guns away. After the terrorist attack in California, the first thing Obama does is talk about gun control.

Sandy is right that people in office have a greater chance of some nut going after them, but that does not give them the right to stop me from protecting myself and my family.

I have no problem with helping people who want to come here, but I want them to become Americans and stop trying to make our country like theirs. Stop wearing burkas — I can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman. I wonder what would happen if I walked into a bank with a ski mask on?

In ending, Sandy says we are all human beings, I’m glad she at least thinks I’m human.

Have a nice day, Sandy.

Anthony Monte


Animal hospital not disturbing neighbors

I have read several letters to the editor regarding Aqueduct Animal Hospital and strongly disagree that the problem rests with Aqueduct.

My first dog went to Aqueduct in 1994 when I moved to Niskayuna and my second dog currently goes there for his medical needs.

First of all, the veterinarian facility was established in this location long before any residential homes were built around the facility. The kennels have been there for years and are not new. The only service added is day care.

My dog is groomed at Aqueduct every two weeks and I have never heard the dogs barking incessantly. I would never take my dog to a facility that allowed dogs to bark nonstop for hours.

If a person buys a house near railroad tracks, they should expect to hear trains. If a person buys a house near an airport, they should expect to hear airplanes flying over their houses. If a person buys a house near a veterinarian facility, they should expect to hear dogs barking. It goes with the territory.

Aqueduct Animal Hospital is impossible to miss. If I bought a house near an animal hospital, I would certainly expect to hear dogs barking.

We are responsible for the location of our residences and our choices. I could understand if the homes were purchased before the animal hospital was built, but this is certainly not the case.

My previous dog and current one have received outstanding care at Aqueduct.

Linda Rizzo


Joe, not Eugene, was the communist hater

In his Dec. 29 letter of opinion, Glenn Hornberger mistakenly refers to Eugene McCarthy as the communist hunting member of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s.

In fact, that was Sen. Joseph McCarthy. Eugene McCarthy was a presidential candidate in 1968, running on an anti-Vietnam War platform.

His strong showing in the primaries forced Lyndon Johnson to withdraw from the race.

I’m sure it was an innocent mistake but I wanted to correct it to set the record straight. The two men couldn’t have been more opposite.

Anthony Frank


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