One must work hard to earn higher pay

*One must work hard to earn higher pay *Plenty of fault to share on dog dispute *Take steps to defen

One must work hard to earn higher pay

The minimum wage was not put into effect for the purpose of being able to raise a family on it. It was meant to be an entry level wage — not a decent living. That comes with hard work, maybe a promotion or two, and regular raises. I started a job in 1979 at $3.50 an hour and after 10 years, I was a foreman making $10.50 an hour.

I think it would be a better idea to have a minimum yearly raise law: three raises a year that add up to a dollar or two for each year that you do a good job and show up when you are supposed to. In this instant society, we want to make a good living, right now, not after a few raises or promotions, but from day one.

Here is what will happen if the minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour.

1) Employers will use fewer employees and expect them to do more.

2) Consumers will pay more for products and services.

3) People trying to raise a family on a minimum wage check will need an increase to keep up, and we start the cycle all over again.

So listen up, Gov. Cuomo: “minimum yearly raises,” not instant “decent living wage.” You want to make a good buck fast, go to school, learn a skill, work hard. There are oodles of funds and grants available to educate those who can’t afford to pay right now. Our parents worked hard and earned it and so did their parents and so on and so forth. Even Andrew had to work his way up to be the governor of New York. He didn’t come out and say, “I want to be governor right now, pay me.”

Ken Kimball


Plenty of fault to share on dog dispute

In response to the Dec. 12 article, “Niskayuna animal hospital noise upsets neighbors”: As I sit here reading comments and listening to barking dogs, I have to wonder what type of person, regardless of where they live, would tolerate this. Any sane person would not. People can be very quick to sit behind their keyboards and blame the buyers when in fact I’m pretty sure they’d react just as I have if it were them.

I am fairly new to this neighborhood, as I only purchased my home in June of this year. I did my research and was aware that I was purchasing a home in the vicinity of a veterinary hospital. There are plenty of animal hospitals in the area, none of which receive complaints like this one does.

I have no problem with this sort of business in the area, but I do have a problem with losing sleep at night because this business exceeds its capacity and I have to lay awake all night listening to the echo of approximately 50 barking dogs in the facility. And I have an even bigger problem with the planning and zoning process in this town.

None of this was disclosed to me at the time of purchase. This is not a problem of a “snob,” rather a person who made a significant investment and would like to enjoy it. Boarding of animals to this extent has not been a 50-plus-year practice for this location. As stated in the article, doggie daycare is a recent addition.

In a sense, Matthew Pike is also a victim here. As a person leasing a property and trying to expand his business without the support of the property owner, he is in as unfair of a situation as every neighbor here. There are things this business can do to cut down the noise.

Having reached out to Mr. Pike, I can’t even get a return call. Someone — whether it be this veterinarian, town officials, builders, or whoever — has profited from this and its unfair to all involved. I don’t agree with Mr. Pike trying to overextend his business, but someone allowed it and nobody is willing to say who. This problem isn’t going to magically disappear.

As for being aware of the surrounding area when purchasing a home, I was as aware as I possibly could be. I did my part as did every neighbor on this street.

Noney Grier


Take steps to defend yourself in shootings

I carry a gun. If you pass me while shopping or sit by me in a restaurant, you won’t know that I am armed. You won’t see the gun I’m carrying or any evidence of it. I am careful about that. I don’t want to frighten anyone or make them nervous or provoke a confrontation. I’m an easygoing grandfather and I don’t look or act the least bit threatening or aggressive. It’s not an act. It’s the way I am.

I carry a firearm to defend myself and especially my loved ones against illegally armed thugs and psychotic sociopaths and terrorists, of whom there are way too many. They are the individuals you need to worry about. Not me.

I’m 73 years old and I’ve owned, handled and used firearms since I was 14. I’ve lost a loved one to a violent crime. I still grieve. As much as the wounding of Gabrielle Giffords was an act of senseless violence, now that I am a grandparent, what truly horrified me about the incident was the death of Dallas Green’s granddaughter. I have nightmares about it.

I vowed that I would not allow myself nor my loved ones to be victims. I know that police are crime solvers and not crime stoppers. I know that calling 911 while being attacked by an active shooter will not save you.

I’m very conscientious about gun safety and security. I have carry permits for Utah, Florida and New York. With interstate reciprocity, I am permitted to carry a concealed firearm in 35 of 50 states.

I got my New York permit more than 50 years ago. Back then, I did not even have to take a course. But I took our county course two years ago because I thought it might be useful (it was) and that it would be the responsible thing to do.

I’ve also participated and qualified in a four-day intensive personal defense/stress fire seminar conducted by Masaad Ayoob. Mr. Ayoob is one of the preeminent personal defense experts in the country. I learned how to defend myself and others against an active shooter. But moreover, I learned that the most important thing is to avoid an armed confrontation. Retreat if at all possible. Whether you are the winner or the loser in an armed conflict, your life (if you still have it) will never be the same.

So, you might support gun control as the answer to gun violence or you might even favor Australian style gun confiscation, as Ms. Clinton does.But think about this: Imagine an active shooter bursting into a restaurant while you’re taking your first bite of shrimp cocktail. He begins killing patrons, methodically working his way toward your table. If Ms. Clinton has her way and you happen to be sitting next to me, you and I will be killed within moments of each other.

If rational thinking prevails over Ms. Clinton, you’ll be glad you chose to sit next to me and that our Constitution gives me the right to be armed in self defense. You’ll get to enjoy a shrimp cocktail again another day. You should be grateful you live in a country where we have that freedom and that right, and you should do everything in your power to defend it.

George Nigriny


Don’t let government take away our rights

I must reply to President Obama’s “pep rally” for gun control. It sickens me to see a president of the United States so hell-bent on bringing the nation down to the level he thinks we ought to be at.

For a former law professor, he well knows that only “Congress can make laws,” not presidents. But Obama has great disdain for the Constitution; he always has. He’s his father’s son.

Try to imagine what our country would be like without the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Do any of you even know half of the rights and laws we have, what “we the people” are entitled to? Yes folks, Democrats are the socialist progressive party; just like Bernie Sanders said, Hillary is queen of the party. Shame. Obama and his so-called elected friends, party hacks, have done their best to take away our “rights.”

The Environmental Protection Agency should be disbanded, and start over with only 10 percent workforce if really needed. The FBI should go back to separate divisions — Hoover is dead.

IRS, VA, way too much of bloat administrators, bonuses, for what? Make a mistake, lie, steal, kill. Don’t worry, Obama will cover for you. You old “Democrats” get your head out of the sand — admit reality.

The party is over and sadly our nation will be, too, if we do not change course, pay off debt and take our rightful place on the world stage back. Send a message on Election Day. Vote to stop crazy “political correctness” and people like Obama, who make us socialist or worst.

Albert Marvell


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