Gun control proposal would restrict rights

*Gun control proposal would restrict rights *County is best option to run Glendale home *Terms of en

Gun control proposal would restrict rights

I read with great amusement, the Jan. 8 satirical letter on gun control by C.G. MacDermot. No really, it had to be satirical because of its nonsensical content.

The first example in his letter is this tidbit, “If the Constitution didn’t exist and it was being drafted today, in 2015, surely we would have an “inalienable right to the possession and use of our cars.”

He goes on, “So rather than restrict gun ownership, why not require periodic registration, title, liability insurance, annual inspection, safety standards, operator’s license, limitations on characteristics;….” Does the term “poll tax” ring a bell with C.G.? His proposal would just about eliminate the poor from being able to own a firearm — a restriction.

Lastly, “The Constitution aside, I have empathy for the dislike that gun owners have for regulatory action.”

No you don’t. See? It must be satire.

Carl P. Christensen


County is best option to run Glendale home

Re Jan. 12 letter, “Glendale home best in county’s control”: I wish to echo Ricki Shapiro’s statement of support for keeping the Glendale Home under county control.

As a rehab patient in the old Glendale Home after a hospitalization, I credit my recovery to the excellent care I received from its staff at all levels. They were efficient, compassionate and invariably pleasant and patient with sometimes difficult residents, myself included.

They deserve a rating of outstanding. Similar praise is extended to the home’s administrative and training personnel.

Please leave this marvelous county institution under the control of the county public servants who are responsible for its greatness.

Dorothy M. Butch

Ballston Spa

Terms of endearment are not appropriate

I hope that it is not too late to suggest a New Year’s resolution because there is one that many people need to make.

I am asking that people not address senior citizens with names such as “sweety,” “honey,” “sweetheart” or “young lady.”

I am sure that those individuals think they are being friendly. But I, for one — and I’ll bet there are many, many others — feel that those titles are demeaning and infuriating.

If someone I know very well addresses me in that way, I am totally fine.

But complete strangers? Come on.

I would like to strongly recommend to employers that they issue a memo to their employees to stop it and show some respect.

Marilyn R. Wessels


Kudos to post office for job on Sa’fyre mail

The U.S. Postal Service has done an outstanding job of handling and delivering Sa’fyre Terry’s mail — all over the world cards and packages were sent.

The U.S. Postal Service employees deserve our respect for the professional way they accomplished this large task.

Walter “Neal” Brazell


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