Presidential hopefuls not giving much hope

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Presidential hopefuls not giving much hope

As a senior and loyal American, I am horrified at our choice of candidates for president.

Can you imagine what other countries think of us? We must have the respect of world leaders if we are to have any influence in the world economy.

We have a Democrat, Hillary Clinton, accused of giving out top secret memos, and a Republican, Donald Trump, who has a potty mouth, besides being an arrogant, self-indulgent idiot.

The other candidates just don’t pass muster. Give me a break. This country has some of the most intelligent minds in the world, and we wind up with this mess. I guess it’s all about money: If you have enough, you can win the election.

If Trump accomplished anything, it’s getting people to pay attention to see what he is going to do next. I hope in the coming months, someone will stand out for what this country is all about.As it stands now, there isn’t anyone I would feel comfortable to vote for.

Marty Shanty


Thanks to emergency responders for service

In the early evening of Feb. 4, a good Samaritan driving on Route 20 alerted me that I had a chimney fire. Thank you, sir, if you are reading this.

He flagged down a state trooper who just happened to be driving by. The trooper came inside, and although the fire seemed to be out, his recommendation was that the fire department be called.

He called it in on his radio, and the fire truck, as well as the rescue truck, were here within minutes, meaning all those volunteers dropped everything to come to the aid of an unknown neighbor. These men and women are obviously highly trained, as well as dedicated, and they dealt with our situation quickly, thoroughly and courteously.

When I contacted Fire Chief Tom Howe to tell him how grateful I was, I found out that they have already responded to 28 calls this year, many of them occurring back-to-back. We have been hearing the sirens go off all too frequently.

I sincerely wish that our chimney fire hadn’t made it necessary to call out our volunteer firefighters, but I am so thankful to them for all the time they put in training for and responding to calls like mine. These people are truly public servants.

My recommendation to all is to have your chimney cleaned more often.

Judith D. Breitenstein


Give residents a voice on vets exemption

I’m happy to see that the leaders of the Niskayuna School District are doing an online survey of taxpayers in regards to a tax exemption for veterans.

Most people have never heard of the bill passed allowing for this exemption.

The politicians in Albany pat themselves on the back for supporting veterans with this bill, but leave it up to each school district to decide on to implement it or not.

Hopefully, the leaders of the Scotia-Glenville district will take notice and give the residents a voice in this matter.

Bernard Witkowski


Running boy’s photo violated his privacy

I’m dismayed by the photo (“image”) of the young man who lost his parents and younger brother in last week’s tragic shooting/fire [Feb. 13 Gazette].

Why would you print a photo of this boy? How does a photo advance or inform this story? It seems to be a clear violation of his privacy.

Shame on your editors.

Debra Story


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