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Water back on in Mayfield

About 800 residents in the village of Mayfield are without water or have low pressure this morning a

Water has been restored to about 800 residents in the village of Mayfield after pressure dropped this morning, leaving some without water and many with low pressure.

The village Department of Public works is still looking for the exact cause of the problem, however, and a boil water advisory will remain in effect for some residents for the next two days.

Pressure dropped around 8:30 this morning, according to Mayor Jamie Ward, leaving much of the north end of the village without water and the south end with low pressure.

“We are currently going around to see if the loss of pressure was caused by programming in the pump system or if a breach occurred,” he said.

He said the pumps in the water system were found to be “not working as hard or as fast as they should have been.” They were reset and pressure was restored to normal levels around 12:30 p.m., he said.

Crews will now be using sonic equipment to listen for underground leaks in hydrants and water mains.

“If that comes back clean, we will have determined this as a programming issue with the pump system which has now been resolved,” Ward said.

A boil water advisory will remain in effect for North Main Street and residents and businesses along Route 30 for 48 hours pending two successful water quality tests by the state Department of Health.

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