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Niskayuna officials reassure residents on safety of town water

Town officials are reassuring residents that the quality of their drinking water is up to the standa

Town officials are reassuring residents that the quality of their drinking water is up to the standards of the state Department of Health, after some residents expressed concern over the safety of the town’s water.

The water was most recently tested on Feb. 10, shortly after there were nine water main breaks scattered throughout the town. At the time of testing, two separate rounds of various water quality tests were completed using samples from two different points in the Niskayuna water line system.

The test results showed that the water was free of lead, copper, coliform and other common contaminants.

In a news release, Town Supervisor Joe Landry said the testing regiment is determined by the state Health Department and is done by a laboratory certified by the state. All test results are submitted directly to the Health Department to prevent the possibility of falsifying results, he said,

Because of the recent water crises in Flint, Michigan and Hoosick Falls, and most recently in North Bennington, Vermont, water quality is at the forefront of many residents’ minds.

The town will publicize the “Annual Drinking Water Quality Report” on its website for residents’ information and peace of mind. However, the report only contains some of the tests done to the water over past year. The annual report detailing the town’s water quality of 2015 will be available in April on the town’s website.

Denise Murphy McGraw, chairwoman of the town’s Public Works Committee, said, “Normally we just put the annual water quality report on the town’s website, but we’re also going to be sending it out to residents through the email alert system that we have.”

The state has not mandated that further tests be performed of the water quality. “If the state should require further testing, I would certainly be in favor of that and would hope that all towns would be provided further funding to do so,” McGraw said.

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