Social Security is paid by workers, business

*Social Security is paid by workers, business *Why only let GE sell division to Chinese? *Facts are

Social Security is paid by workers, business

I am tired and annoyed by hearing that the Social Security program is “socialism.” It is not.

It is not a government gift, grant nor hand-out. Social Security money comes from employees and is matched by employers. The government holds and distributes the funds. The government should have invested it over the years, but instead has “borrowed” it, failing to pay it back.

The government has also chosen to disburse funds to the disabled. If Congress wants to help the disabled, let them set up their own fund. Did anyone ask us?

And that, my friends, is why Social Security is “running short.”

Marilyn B. Guidarelli


Why only let GE sell division to Chinese?

Re Jan. 15 article, “GE to sell appliance division to Haier for $5.4B”: Can someone explain why the federal government refused to allow GE to sell its appliance business to Electrolux (a Swedish company) but has no problem with GE selling the business to Haier (a Chinese company)?

It would appear that the U.S. government has preferences as to who owns U.S. companies.

John White


I read with interest the objection Ms. Kathleen Slater had with my Feb. 19 letter. It seems she takes umbrage toward my belief that editorial content, when referring to historical situations, should be based on historical accuracy.

Actually, she and I share many of the same beliefs such as that the editorial page should be for opinions, differing points of view etc. Where we differ is that I believe opinions, points of view, cartoons etc., should be based on truthful facts. An opinion or cartoon, based on a falsehood or a lie, is in and of itself, false and/or a lie and therefore, does not deserve to be published.

For some reason unknown to me, the Department of Education and the “powers that be” have removed much of American history from our public school’s curriculum. The result has not only been ignorance of our past and how we created a great and free democracy, but has also created the proliferation of “revisionist history.”

The cartoon in question presented Thomas Jefferson as having been friendly and understanding toward the Koran. Historical facts belie this supposition. Unfortunately, many readers without the benefit of American history in their curriculum would never know this and could be led to a false belief.

As others, I look forward to the opinions expressed on the editorial page. I think they are well balanced and fairly presented; even the ones with which I disagree. However, I still believe that when an opinion is based on a falsehood, it should be called out.

Arthur Salvatore

Saratoga Springs

America’s new racists exploit immigrants

America is a contradiction. A wise man said to me; “Ed, out of confusion, there is profit to be made.” Twenty-first century whirling dervishes dance. As they dance, our minds are boggled. The dervishes are invoking a new reality, a hellish reality. “Heads I win, tails you lose.”

In America, able men and women, via a welfare system, are paid to do nothing. They are too good to do menial/manual labor. Unemployed people, truly poor people, come across our borders to take jobs that Americans are too good to perform. Other than the infirm, elderly and children, why should anyone be paid to do nothing? Paid out of the pocket of the taxpayer.

Social progressives champion the welfare state and foreign workers by the millions. If you challenge the new order, you are a racist. If that does not stick, you will be labeled a Nazi.

I believe in God. I believe in American sovereignty. I believe in the dignity of work.

Who are the racists? Social progressives are racist — deciding one group can do menial work while another group should not be compelled to work. In pre-Civil War America, blacks did the worst of jobs while their white masters profited. Now white and black social progressives believe “their” people are too good to do work, while others from other nations can do the dirty jobs.

The “poor” of America need to adopt the work ethic of the poor south of our borders. A wall across our Southwest border would not be necessary if unemployed Americans on the dole were compelled to do the work “guest workers” do. No illegal immigrations issue, no wall issue, no more labeling fellow Americans racist.

Who profits from the current order? Chambers of commerce, politicians (fakirs), social progressive revolutionaries, greedy corporations (Disney) and people who want America sent to the dust bin of history. Dance dervish (devil) dance.

Edmond Day


With all our issues, Trump worth the risk

Despite the naysayers, it looks like Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee when you strictly analyze the projected delegate numbers and level of his support from voters of all walks of life.

The media has stirred the pot to make us think that this crazy man could be the president of the United States. Not many of folks remember that the same words were said when Ronald Reagan battled Jimmy Carter. They said that Reagan was also crazyand didn’t have the right temperament to be president and was going to start a nuclear holocaust. Ironically, similarly crazy accusations are being said about Trump today.

I believe that government spending is out of control, with the country saddled with $19 trillion in debt and no end in sight. We need to immediately change our spending habits and work to save our country’s future. The people recognize that out-of-control government needs to be stopped before it is too late. And that is why this very positive movement within our country is resulting in a groundswell of support for Mr. Trump.

Trump is a very smart man who will surround himself with the best and the brightest. I’m sure if elected, he will give his best to correct the current problems in this country. There are many problems that our politicians have ignored way too long. The establishment and its “support network” are scared as hell of an outsider who will upset the status quo.

I’m very willing to give Trump a try because Clinton just gives the same old tired politician line. Not much has changed in eight years of “hope and change.” What makes the American people think that Clinton, who is heavily aligned with President Obama, will change for the better? That’s if she can evade her very serious FBI problems. This story will become more of a threat to her campaign as time wears on, as she tries to sweep the issue under the rug.

Do your own research beyond the headlines. I find great joy listening to actual unedited speeches by the candidates, in their own words, on YouTube. No media source or establishment will tell me how to vote. That’s my own personal decision.

We do need to make America great again. I hope it’s not too late.

Dave Rakvica

Burnt Hills

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