Mixed-use is best option for High Rock

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Mixed-use is best option for High Rock

The High Rock parcel is the most valuable and important piece of undeveloped land in Saratoga Springs. I support a well-planned mixed use development project for the entire parcel. I oppose the construction of the City Center’s proposed stand-alone parking garage.

Parking for the City Center is important, but the City Center Authority’s proposed parking garage is an isolated project that does not realize the potential of this valuable land or fulfill our city’s vision for the future.

According to the authority’s own parking study, paid parking revenue would not come close to paying the costs of financing, operating and maintaining the structure. The authority would lose $300,000 to $400,000 per year. The garage would place a five-story wall of parking right next to High Rock Park. It would contain no commercial or residential space, create no jobs, pay no property taxes and cost the city millions to maintain after the city assumes ownership when the lease is up. Its presence would greatly reduce the quality of future development on the rest of the parcel.

Parking must be incorporated in a well-planned mixed-use project for the entire parcel. Such a project would include a much better transition to High Rock Park, enhance and complement our downtown business district, and make our City Center an even more attractive destination for conventions and events. It would include more shops and restaurants, more places to live and work, and attractive outdoor spaces to enhance our reputation as a walkable city. The tax revenue and jobs generated would exceed the proposed payments for the City Center garage many times over. And all parking would be built, managed, and maintained by the developer.

Smart and successful cities design their downtowns for people, not parking. The High Rock parcel is far too valuable to be dominated by parking structures holding over 1,000 cars, as some people are promoting. The city should pursue better alternatives to address parking issues.

Please act quickly to select a preferred developer and move forward with a comprehensive mixed-use development project on the High Rock Parcel.

Rick Thompson

Saratoga Springs

Kasich is overlooked by Republican voters

Why aren’t Republicans supporting John Kasich for president? Could it be that his 18 years service on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee has given him too much experience for the job of president of the United States? Or could it be that as chairman of the U.S. House of Representative’s Budget Committee he spearheaded balanced federal budget in 1996? Or could it be that he is a very successful governor of Ohio? Or could it be that he is a gentleman?

He doesn’t participate in the name calling and mudslinging that is a daily occurrence with the other candidates. After the last Republican debate, he was asked this question by a reporter. He said he is not receiving support from the Republican base because they don’t like him.

He is his own person and won’t be used as a pawn by the party. Sadly, he is a good candidate being overlooked by his own party.

Cathy Haggerty


Seeking a partner to help kids to careers

The news articles about the concern of parents and students, clergy and labor, and educators regarding education funding for youth needs continued support.

The Capital Region Economic Development Council (CREDC) has created a Strategic Plan and an Upstate Revitalization Initiative recognizing the need for an educated and trained workforce to meet the needs of business interests. The submission of a Consolidated Funding Application to enhance the cradle-to-career concept will attain support and obtain monies.

To include funding for establishing individual student academic plans for elementary and secondary students is necessary. The plans’ coordination of standard courses with career and technical education programs will enhance students’ understanding to use knowledge.

Since members of the CREDC focus on business needs, such as a workforce aligned with employers’ needs, then concerned parents, civic leaders and religious leaders need the assistance of the New York State Apprenticeship and Training Council to enhance school career and technical education programs.

In addition, the Apprenticeship Council’s involvement in the government youth services and BOCES continuing education programs for youth 16-24 years old will enhance workforce craft skills to operate the technical advances businesses are purchasing.

I hope there is a non-profit organization willing to partner with parents, clergy, labor instructors and teachers to submit a Consolidated Funding Application for students and youth within the Upstate Revitalization Initiative.

Michael McGlynn


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