Voting for Trump in protest of elite in major parties

*Voting for Trump in protest of elite in major parties

Voting for Trump in protest of elite in major parties

The unholy alliance, as spoken by Rand Paul, is the big government liberals and the big government conservatives getting together to compromise to make government bigger.

So when I see Linda Chavez’s March 22 column, “By predicting violence, Trump encourages it,” labelling the violence at Trump rallies as self-fulfilling prophesies, I see the unholy alliance at work.

You see, Linda Chavez has connections back to the Republican Party establishment working in the Reagan administration and being the nominee of then president George W. Bush for Secretary of Labor. So it is no surprise to me that she would take the party elite position of trying to derail Trump’s nomination by preventing him enough delegates to win outright.

In a CNN live interview, the reporter asked Bernie Sanders about the violence at Trump rallies in Chicago being caused by Sanders supporters and pointed out that the person who rushed Trump on stage was a Sanders supporter. Sanders responded (rightfully so) that he can’t be held responsible for the actions of individuals based solely upon their support for his candidacy. It appears when it comes to Trump, we have a double standard for laying blame.

A social media post by one Brandon Tatum reports on his experience at the Trump rally in Arizona (I’ll not vouch for the validity, but believe it as much as other media sources). In it, he points out that it was the protestors who were “outrageous and out of control,” with one wearing a KKK hat hollering “F… Donald Trump,” with many cussing and screaming. And contrary to as it is being reported, the Trump supporters were calm and respectful. They were just looking to see the candidate speak. Many like Trump, and were just undecided voters looking to make up their minds based upon fact.

He reports that there were multiple announcements for Trump supporters not to react to protestors and let police handle any incidents.

Given the fact that it is protestors, supporters of Democratic candidates, who are trying to disrupt Trump Republican rallies with intimidation and threats of violence and prevent people from hearing what Trump has to say, I find Chavez’s exhortations about suffering the same in her public speaking events to support Trump and his efforts to speak to the voters and let them decide. But instead, she tries to label Trump the same as autocratic despots and blame Trump for the violence. Her stance is without merit.

In the interest of full disclosure, I quit the Democratic Party after 30 years due to their increasingly intrusive big government spending policies and eventually joined the Republican Party in spite of its big government polices because of candidates like Rand Paul.

As parental civil rights and shared parenting advocate for 15 years, I have seen this unholy alliance of Republicans and Democrats up close and personal in the New York state Legislature, one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional legislatures in the nation. I don’t like it at the state level and I don’t like it at the national level.

Both Trump and Sanders have hit a nerve with the American people who are sick of the status quo of government not working in the interests of the people. Unfortunately for Sanders and his supporters, the Democratic Party elites “super delegates” give the party standard bearer, Clinton, the nod. Not so with the Republicans, which thankfully saved us from another party elite supported Bush as the Republican nominee.

When Trump speaks of there being “riots in the streets,” he is talking about the response of people like me, who are tired of both parties and their elite giving me no option to vote for — at best choosing what I see as “the lesser of two evils.” I must admit to being so disgusted that I often just write in a protest vote for neither.

The “riot” he speaks of is non-violent and will be the loss of my support for the Republicans at the national level, the streets will be at the voting booth where I abandon them. But perhaps that is what they want, perhaps the elite Republicans would take a Clinton over a Trump.

I was, up until today, undecided on who I would vote for in the Republican primary. I should probably send a thank you note to Chavez for making up my mind. The unholy alliance — “big government Republican (Bush supporters) and Democrat (Clinton supporters) elites” working together against Trump — has just moved me to pull the lever for Donald Trump in the upcoming New York Republican primary.

And should the Republicans abandon the choice of the people, I’ll still vote for Trump in the national election when he runs as an independent.

Jim Hays


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