How would we thrive without government

*How would we thrive without government *Democratic policies not helpful to blacks *Support green sp

How would we thrive without government

Here is a typical day in the lives of millions of Americans.

First the alarm goes off and we wake up to a warm room and electricity, thanks to government-regulated companies like National Grid. Then we head to the bathroom. The water that comes into the house is brought to us by our local government. The water that we use for showers and toilets goes down pipes into sewers brought in by our local government.

The younger children get up and are put on school buses that take them to public schools, which by the way were the first mandated “socialist” program that was started in 1850. Another government institution.

The oldest child heads out to the local SUNY college, a government-run college. And we head to work. First we get on our local street put in and maintained by our local village, or town or city government. Then we go to the county road, put in and maintained by the county government. Next we pull onto the Northway, which was built and maintained by New York state government.

We only work a 40-hour week, and not the typical 54-hour week from a century ago, thanks to laws passed by government.

On our way home, we stop at the grocery store and buy food that we trust because it has been inspected by government inspectors. We also stop at the gas station for gasoline, and we know that a gallon is a gallon thanks to government inspectors. After eating, we head to the local library, another institution that is supported by government.

And as we go to bed, we know that if anything happens, the police and fire department will respond quickly. More government, but always there if needed.

This is 2016, not 1816, and government is needed to maintain our very way of life. Could we survive in the modern world without the benefits of government? I would not want to find out.

Edward F. Wagner

Clifton Park

Democratic policies not helpful to blacks

One thing that I don’t understand is why a great number of black Americans are persistently Democrats. Do they really believe that politicians like Hillary Clinton care about them personally and that her promised government programs will save them? Salvation is not a gift of big government; trillions of dollars in national debt is the gift of big government.

Do you believe the Republicans are your enemy? That is not true. I am one who has supported black American nominees over their white competitors, only to see them discredited by Democrats.

Consider the smear campaigns against men like Clarence Thomas, who barely survived the vote for Supreme Court Justice; Herman Cain, a gifted and popular candidate for president; Ronnie Seaton, a White House chef who dared to write about his personal experiences with the Clintons; Sen. Elbert Guillory of Louisiana, who changed his party affiliation to Republican because he felt that the Democratic Party had moved too far to the left for him; Ron Brown, appointed by President Clinton to be Secretary of Commerce but who was found dead amid plane wreckage in the Balkans with a bullet hole in his forehead. His ambition was to be the “first black president.” (No one has yet to be charged with his murder.) He was, like Ronnie Seaton a Democrat.

And lastly, my first choice for the next president, Dr. Ben Carson, brilliant and a true gentleman, was discredited before his black brothers by left-leaning Democrats.

Planning to vote Democratic in this election year? The bottom line is this: Their policies do not help the nation and certainly don’t help blacks. Keep your eyes and minds open as the election approaches. Know the facts before you go to vote.

Lucy Roy


Support green space, but not new theater

It is nice that one member of the Saratoga Springs City Council, Public Works Commissioner Anthony Skip Scirocco, thinks out of the box. His proposal for “green park space with lighted walkways and benches” due south of the recently approved City Center parking garage seems a good fit for the area. High Rock Avenue has over the last decade become an urban hotel, condo and restaurant area. The new park land breaks that density and maintains the park “axis” from Congress Park to existing High Rock Park.

While the park proposal is good, Scirocco also proposed a Victorian-style theater to the south of the new park, fronting Lake Avenue. I don’t believe that the theater proposal is in the best interests of the majority of citizens. My reasons are: the parcel is publicly owned land; there are existing theaters in the city including Universal Preservation Hall; most citizens would not avail its services; it is more important for the city to keep the parcel along Lake Avenue for services since losing the Collamer lot; and municipal services benefit all citizens.

One idea is future expansion of City Hall, particularly a new police station. This is not the only idea that serves the city as a whole. Others can be proposed.

If City Hall were to consolidate services in the future, what better place than Lake Avenue? Moreover, the new building would eliminate the awkward curb cut next to the police station, either reverting to a wide sidewalk or enabling a full additional lane of westbound traffic to turn right on Broadway.

For the above reasons, the park proposal for High Rock Avenue sounds appropriate, but the Victorian-style theater along Lake Avenue does not warrant support when the public interest is taken into account.

Dennis Hodges

Saratoga Springs

Can’t defend Trump’s defense of manager

Trump’s defense of his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who grabbed and bruised a female reporter at a recent political rally, reminds me of a husband who beats his spouse, and when he’s arrested, blames her for his actions.

Donald and Corey, now there’s a pair that beats three of a kind.

Bob Mantello


Ted Cruz will make America great again

Yes, I understand you are mad at Washington politicians and want to elect someone who will shake up and push back against the political establishment. But set your emotions aside and look at which Republican candidate will change business as usual in Washington.

The issues facing our country and the world are complex and dangerous. Our next president must be a strong principled leader, with a deep knowledge of these critical issues, who will defend our nation, our Constitution and our liberties.

Ted Cruz believes that government should support the will of the people. As president, his three government priorities will be jobs, freedom and security.

Ted Cruz has defended the U.S. Constitution and has fought to preserve our rights before the Supreme Court and won. Ted Cruz will nominate a Supreme Court judge who will interpret the Constitution as written. Ted Cruz has stood on the Senate floor and denounced the Washington establishment. He will not compromise on issues that would jeopardize our security and freedoms.

Who really can make America great again? Actions speak louder yhan words. That person is Ted Cruz.

Alfred T. Riccio


Kasich only candidate who can beat Clinton

I laughed when Ohio Gov. John Kasich labeled himself “the little engine that could.” But he just keeps on chugging along, taking his case to the American people calmly, but with the authority born of long years of experience doing exactly what voters want: reforming government.

He’s now one of three candidates remaining. While he stands out as the best candidate on many levels, one of the most important reasons for supporting him is that he is the only Republican able to beat Hillary Clinton in November. Six separate polls by reputable organizations have reached that same conclusion.

The reason is not hard to understand. John Kasich, while a conservative, receives broad support from moderates, independents and working-class Democrats. Hillary loses those voters to him.

The opposite happens if either of the other two Republicans face Hillary Clinton. Independents and moderates, turned off by harsh, divisive rhetoric, will side with Hillary.

Any of the other candidates will bring only more gridlock to Washington. Hillary and Bernie blame Republicans for all problems. Trump and Cruz blame Democrats.

Only one candidate says he’s willing to work with all sides to solve common problems — John Kasich. He’s done it before. He can do it again.

We need a president who will unite the country, not divide it.

Michael J. Cavanaugh


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