Turn back the evils of conservative policies

*Turn back the evils of conservative policies *Clinton has career of no accomplishments

Turn back the evils of conservative policies

We were sold a bill of goods in 1971 when Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell sent his memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The progress and freedom that our country had experienced when I was growing up reversed itself, and our liberties and freedoms have since dwindled day by day.

The current president said that people with pre-existing conditions could get health care, and that is mostly true. Where it falls short is where it is obstructed by conservatives.

Conservatives use fear, crisis and panic to keep people in line. Conservatives don’t like the Constitution and would be glad to cancel the Bill of Rights except for the Second Amendment. Conservatives want to control people (like in North Carolina and Mississippi).

Conservatives are not happy unless they get their way in everything. Conservatives want to keep everyone out of this country, when their ancestors committed theft and genocide on the people that were already here. Conservatives blame the loss of jobs on immigrants instead of on executives who hoard a company’s profits for themselves.

Conservatives ruin more lives than tobacco, alcohol and drugs combined. Conservatives need villains to prosper (anyone who isn’t a rich, white male). Conservatives ignore the fact that police officers take advantage of their position to terrorize communities. Conservatives pose a threat to themselves and to the entire planet.

Conservatives write books to tear people down, pose conspiracy theories and instill fear; liberals write books to encourage people and show a way forward. Conservatives have tyrants as leaders throughout history and all over the world.

Conservatives insisted that banks and corporations on Wall Street be bailed out. Conservatives gave us the poverty that comes when all the natural resources of our planet are destroyed. Conservatives give the military industrial complex everything it wants, no matter who it arms in the process.

Conservatism is all about emotions. Conservatism is all about tearing down. Conservatism has given us cultural rot and economic decay. Conservatism is corrupt. Conservatism doesn’t work and has never worked. Conservatism is found through much of the Republican Party (increasingly so) and it will be defeated.

There is only one solution — liberalism (not neoliberalism, which is a conservative wolf in sheep’s clothing). It works all the time when properly implemented. Only generosity can make American great again.

Joyce M. Cockerham


Clinton has career of no accomplishments

Re April 17 editorial: “Primary endorsement: Clinton has experience to lead nation”: Of all the adjectives that could be used to describe Hillary Rodham Clinton, “qualified” is the very last one that would apply.

Your editorial staff must be delusional. From Hillarycare to Benghazi, this woman’s record is not just one of failure, but abysmal failure.

Like all of the gushing letters to the editor written in support of this corrupt millionaire, your fawning editorial cannot cite even one successful effort during her 22 years of public service. This is not surprising. When asked to list her career accomplishments, Clinton herself could not name one.

Hillary’s resume consists of the following: eight years as this country’s most humiliated First Lady, eight years as a do-nothing senator, and six years as a totally disastrous Secretary of State. And all throughout, she was peddling her influence to foreign and domestic entitities for millions of dollars.

I would suggest that the best adjectives to describe Hillary Clinton are the ones produced by a recent poll of Americans: secretive, lying, deceptive, money grubbing, and vengeful.

She truly is an empty pantsuit.

Mike Blyskal

Ballston Spa

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