Silver has earned a long prison sentence

*Silver has earned a long prison sentence *Child abuse a tragedy that is out of control *Actually, A

Silver has earned a long prison sentence

For 20 years, Sheldon Silvers has tied up New York state budgets with his schemes and arrogance. He always made sure that his home district of Manhattan got a lion’s share of money and favors, that his political friends and contributors where taken care of, and that he lined his own pockets with money.

Now his wife is asking for mercy because of his cancer diagnosis. She is afraid that he will die in prison. I think that she is more worried that is $90,000 pension will be cut short because of a prison lifestyle.

I think that no light sentence should be given and that the prison where he will be serving his time should make up a special cell that will hold him and two other cell mates named Bubba — the ultimate three men in a room.

Jay Janczak

Ballston Spa

Child abuse a tragedy that is out of control

The tragedy of child abuse and neglect-related fatalities is out of control; it is largely due the people responsible for their care.

Many believe that substance abuse by a parent or caregiver is one of the leading contributors.

It is a shame so many lives have to be given so others are able to take care of their habit.

Walter “Neal” Brazell


New York’s values not much to applaud

If Cass Sunstein’s April 22 op-ed piece may appropriately describe parts of the flawed personage of Alexander Hamilton, it has mischaracterized the “values” on exhibition in New York state today.

Instead of “working harder … being a lot smarter, and being a self starter,” today, almost all Democrats support welfare benefits for those who will not work and a $15 minimum wage for the illiterate.

These policies give Democrats substantial majorities on Election Day. I submit it is Ted Cruz, hated by both sides of the political aisle, who supports Alexander Hamilton’s social values.

Hamilton conversely, was a big-government progressive. The Federal Reserve, which hands billions of essentially free money to Wall Street, is Mr. Hamilton’s great, great, great grandchild. The Fed supports the Wall Street tycoons, who buy and sell politicians of both parties and are “too big to fail.”

New York’s government has a vested interest in collecting taxes from Wall Street. The people who get rich due to political connections support the politicians with large donations and speaking fees. For every dollar these people pay in taxes, they make thousands of dollars based on the free money from the Fed.

This system, perhaps, represents the New York values we retain from the founder of our National Bank.

Art Henningson


Actually, America is not doing all that well

Re April 24 letter, “America is doing well despite GOP claims”: Today, I read a “fractured fairy tale,” like in the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show I grew up watching as a kid. The author claimed that America is doing well. Two conclusions came to mind: 1) The author is too young to know real economic growth. 2) If he is old enough, like me, he would know that under Presidents Reagan and Clinton, the economic engine hummed like a Ferrari.

The Reagan economy brought an annual real GDP [gross domesitc product] growth of 3.5 percent. Reagan’s net private-sector job growth over eight years was 16.1 million. The Clinton economy brought an annual GDP real growth rate of 3.8 percent and added 23.2 million private-sector jobs to the economy. Under President Obama, the economy has grown at an annual anemic GDP pace of 2 percent and created some 10 million jobs since mid-2009.

Since President Obama’s all-too-early withdrawal out of Iraq, the Middle East has grown more and more dangerous. Consider the bizarre backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the crossing of the line by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, and the taking down of Muammar Gaddafi, the one dictator that was working with us to combat terrorism.

All of these events proved to the world that although we have a powerful military, the will to use it is absent.

Sensing U.S. weakness, bad actors take courage and we see the rise of ISIS. Of course, there is the famous open-mike conversation between Obama and Medvedev. Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” Obama then taps Medvedev in the leg to reassure him everything will be fine.

Putin, sensing zero reprisal from Obama and acting like a great white shark devouring a defenseless seal, quickly annexes the Crimean Peninsula and part of eastern Ukraine, and his air force is now flying attack profile maneuvers against the U.S. Navy in international waters.

Oh yes, this “fractured fairy tale” did get one statement right: God Bless America.

Rafael Polo


Thanks to the helpful folks in Duanesburg

I just wanted to write this letter in hopes of pointing out how a few good people can turn a negative into a positive and promote a good image of their community, simply by offering a little needed assistance.

On our way to Cooperstown for our first-ever visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame, we ran over a good-sized bolt on the off-ramp of I-88 heading into Duanesburg, causing a flat and unrepairable tire.

Having pulled into the parking lot of the Duanesberg Volunteer Fire Department [DVFD] to change the tire, Scott, from the DVFD, quickly offered his assistance. He also gave us a lead on a garage up the road that could probably help us out.

As it turned out, Ken and Al of Duanesburg Auto Repair got us in, were very courteous, and did not charge us an arm and a leg to get us a new tire, mounted and balanced.

We were able to continue on our way and had a nice visit to the Hall, and made a good day out of what could have been a not-so-good day.

My family left with a good impression of the people we met in Duanesburg. We will be back through and stop to eat and gas up in your town when we go to Howe Caverns. And we will make sure we send a donation to your DVFD.

Thanks again, Scott, Al and Ken.

Brian Schumann


Grateful for all GE’s contributions to area

I’m writing in response to the April 22 column by John Figliozzi. On behalf of the Capital Region Chamber, I am dismayed and take issue with Mr. Figliozzi’s disservice and injustice to not only the General Electric Corp., but to the thousands of GE employees and all of us who call the Capital Region home and have benefited greatly from GE’s presence.

For nearly 125 years, GE has consistently reinvested in its facilities, infrastructure, products and services. The facts are undeniable:

1) GE creates an annual economic impact of $4 billion in the Capital Region.

2) GE employs 7,000 people in the region, and more than 17,000 people are directly or indirectly dependent upon GE for their livelihood.

3) In Schenectady County, one of every seven dollars in the local economy is directly attributable to GE, and one in 13 jobs is a result of GE’s operations in Schenectady.

The Capital Region is fortunate to have GE as a major employer, a community partner and a major innovator that continues to change our world. We are grateful that the company has remained here for decades, and most importantly, that it continues to invest in its future in the Capital Region.

Mark Eagan


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