Protect wildlife area from drilling of oil

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Protect wildlife area from drilling of oil

In response to the oil train protesters. Yes, keep it in the ground. Thank you.

It is time we go to the source. It is time we permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) from oil drilling.

It is time for all of us and our politicians to have the courage to stand up to big oil and permanently protect one of our last remaining wild places on our planet.

This is not just a refuge for thousands of animals that inhabit it. It is also a human rights issue for the Gwich’in people. It is the sacred place where life begins.

Robert Thorpe


Political mess is now way out of control

I applaud Mr. Ernie Tetrault’s April 26 letter [“Disappointed in all who voted for Trump”], which shows just how far out of hand this politics stuff has become.

Nowadays, those people — whose candidate in the New York state primary you did not vote for — are disappointed in you, to put it mildly. The highest vote-getter still got only 40 percent of the votes. That means that at least 60 percent of those who know how you voted look down on you for how you voted.

How does it feel to wake up each morning knowing that most people think of you as mentally, morally and psychologically challenged because of how you voted? Makes you want to hit the snooze button so that you can go back to sleep for 10 more days.

Unless things radically change, we will be stuck with six more months of this garbage. Do you really look forward to that? Or are you willing to speak up and put an end to this foolishness?



Tedisco has earned seat in state Senate

In 2009, Mr. James Tedisco ran the upstate congressional race and was defeated by Mr. Scott Murphy. I thought that defeat was not a reflection on Mr. Tedisco as a lawmaker, but the result of an over-aggressive and divisive campaign orchestrated by his own party.

I am happy to read he is tossing his hat in the political arena to replace Sen. Hugh Farley, who has finally decided to retire from his Senate position.

I am not a Republican nor a Democrat. I don’t like labels. I pride myself in being an American, a foreign-born one. I am a proud citizen of this great country and that should be enough for all of us.

I have mixed feelings about professional politicians and would rather see term limits, but I doubt we’ll ever have that. If I am going to need someone to represent my interests “ad infinitum” in our political world, I would choose Mr. Tedisco in a heartbeat, without hesitation or afterthought.

Jim is one of the very few politicians who has earned my respect over the years.

He has made himself available to the lowest among our citizens and he has been steady in the defense of the middle- and lower-class Americans. He is a family man, and I admire his devotion and love for his family. (I took care of his gravely ill father nearly 40 years ago.) He is the son every mother wants to have.

He has been fearless in his defense of the defenseless, may they be humans or animals. Jim is a good man, a good human being.

This letter comes from my heart. It was not asked for. Mr. Tedisco doesn’t need my support. He is solid on his two feet.

I just respect the man and the way he conducts himself.

I see him as a good example of what an American should be — a humble, caring and genuine human being. Go for it James.

Roger Malebranche


The writer is retired chief of surgery at St. Clare’s.

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