Bush decisions had a large negative impact

*Bush decisions had a large negative impact *Remember, Memorial Day is to honor fallen *Grateful for

Bush decisions had a large negative impact

May 1, 2004, George Bush landed on an aircraft carrier decked out in an Air Force uniform in front of a huge Mission Accomplished banner — paid for by Kelly, Brown & Root at a cost of $178,000. They were rewarded with a no-bid contract to do business in Iraq.

Thirteen years later, the people in Fulluga, Iraq, are starving, Shiite militants are murdering Sunnis, and ISIS operates in other areas, making Iraq a ruined, failed state.

Also 15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 were Saudi Arabians. Bush declared that Saddam Hussein was the real threat, even if he never had the military equipment to carry out attacks. Many lies were put forward to make the case for a pre-emptive war in Iraq.

The result has caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and Iraqis and many more thousands wounded in body and mind.

In 2012, returning American veterans were killing themselves at a rate of 22 every day.

When George Bush was running for president, he proclaimed publicly his religious philosophy was that taught by Jesus Christ. Notwithstanding his pious pronouncement, he had no compunction of hiring contractors to torture captive people in sites around the globe.

His disgraceful actions do not support accepted moral principles and will be a stain on the history of America forever.

Mary Jane Valachovic


Remember, Memorial Day is to honor fallen

Please, try to resist the use of the term “Happy Memorial Day.”

I realize that for many, this holiday only represents another three-day weekend to enjoy. However, for those who understand its purpose, it’s a day set aside to honor our war dead which makes for a somber day.

For me, it’s a day especially to remember my father, John G. Hanshaw, killed in action in Italy in 1944, and two close friends, Vesa J. Alakulppi and Bruce C. Ducat, both killed in Vietnam.

Enjoy the time off with family and friends, but take a moment to remember.

John D. Hanshaw

Clifton Park

Grateful for coverage of debate on climate

Climate change is complicated, contentious and divisive, and oft times partisan. For the most part, it is invisible (perhaps except for our increasing and erratic weather events).

I am a Saratoga County master gardener, and I embarked on a project three-and-a-half years ago to create educational tools for gardeners in a changing climate, along with other master gardeners across the state. I jumped on board for the knowledge.

I learned Americans and their belief in climate change can be divided into six categories (Anthony Leiserowitz-Yale), from No. 1 “It is dire and we must act now” to No. 6 “it is a hoax.” At the time, I fell into the second from the top category. My rose-colored spectacles were still on.

To that end, I applaud your efforts to slog along and to help present to the public the controversies and concerns of this many-layered topic. Specifically, the May 15 Environmental page, that included Greenpoint: “Weather sure to be Weird…,” “Fanning the Flames?” and “Warming tied to Shorebird Shrinkage.”

Black Elk, a native to our land, is credited with saying: “All things are our relatives. What we do to everything, we do to ourselves. All is really one.” Keep up the good work.

Marcia Martin

Greenfield Center

Cartoonists must ease up on Clinton bashing

I have had the same thought with regard to the political cartoons that have appeared in your newspaper recently. Not only has Secretary Clinton been mocked and insulted, but our president has been as well.

Even today’s cartoon (May 20), which could possibly be construed as “balanced,” is skewed against Secretary Clinton. The adjectives afforded to Drumpf are “tame” compared to what actually should appear on his billboard — how about racist, misogynist, or bloviating ass — much more appropriate.

With regard to Secretary Clinton, putting aside the fact that “crooked” is highlighted, all these words are unfounded; mere aspersions from the right wing. Where is the proof?

Hitler was well aware that repeating a lie often enough will result in people accepting it as fact. It seems to me that the likes of Drumpf and the GOP have decided to use this tactic, as well.

I’m also sick to death of the editorial space you allocate to letter writers like Spinelli, DeVries and Hughes, just to name a few. They seem to have nothing better to do — when they’re not polishing their guns or saluting their “tea-bagger flag” — than vilify and deny any and all advancements and accomplishments America has made during this administration.

Their vitriolic screed is an embarrassment to the good people of this area.

R.M. Armstrong


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