Mayor chase raises questions about cops

*Mayor chase raises questions about cops *Nisky float showed a shortage of judgment *To all bike bat

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Mayor chase raises questions about cops

The patrolman assigned to investigate the Dingley vs. McCarthy incident couldn’t win no matter how he handled the situation.

Remember, he was one of the individuals who took the civil service test to be police chief. I believe the mayor gets his choice from among the top three scorers (and people sometimes disqualify one for a “made-up reason” to get to the one they want, who may be No. 4 on the list).

If this patrolman administered a Breathalyzer test to an individual who smelled like he had been drinking and he failed the test, that would have been equivalent to the patrolman taking an addendum to the civil service exam, and he definitely wouldn’t have gotten the appointment as police chief.

Now the questions we have as taxpayers are: Do we want a police chief who bends the rules depending on who he is investigating? Or was he ordered to bend the rules?

Delores Inzero


Nisky float showed a shortage of judgment

Re May 29 letter, “Mexican stereotypes promoted at parade”: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who cringed at the blatant Mexican stereotypes portrayed in the Girl Scouts’ Niska-Day float.

Jo Anne Assini is correct in her assessment of Mexican culture. I have been to Mexico several times and can honestly say that I never saw anyone (other than a few tourists) wearing a sombrero, nor did I notice a particularly large number of men sporting the cartoonish mustaches portrayed on the float. What were the leaders of this Girl Scout troop thinking?

I doubt that they would have allowed such outdated stereotypical representations of other ethnic groups to be portrayed in that manner. At least I hope not.

I hope that in the future, they will be more careful in not perpetuating such stereotypes, especially since they are dealing with young, impressionable minds.

Tricia Margas


To all bike bath users: Announce yourselves

Just a friendly reminder to those who use the bike paths: When passing someone, please announce yourself.

Whether you are biking, jogging or even just walking faster than the people in front of you, don’t assume they know you are there. A simple “passing on the left” or “on your left” is all it takes.

Jennifer Paperman


Editorial on Memorial Day struck right tone

Kudos to the Daily Gazette’s editorial on such a special Memorial Day’s addition.

It was such a well written editorial comment, highlighting the true meaning of this special day and the sacrifices that our military men and woman made so we could have this enjoy this special time to spend with our family and friends. Great job, Gazette. Semper Fi.

Rick Splawnik


Split Israel into three parts to ensure peace

I would like to express my opinion how the war between the Arabs and Jews can be over.

The land of Israel should be divided into three parts: the inland (the interior of the country), an Arab state containing mostly Arabs; along the Mediterranean, a Jewish state containing mostly Jews; and in between, the internationalized city of Jerusalem to be shared by Muslims, Jews and Christians alike — since that city was holy to all three religions.

This, to me, would be the logical thing to do.

Steven P. Goldberg


Trump not ideal, but better than Clinton

There have been many anti-Trump opinion pieces in The Gazette including the latest one on May 14, “Of candidates, Trump the most dangerous,” by Sue Penny. I agree that the Republican choice of Trump could have been better, but the alternative, Hillary Clinton, bodes a disastrous repeat of these last eight years and worse.

Americans often have to choose between two less-than-desirable alternatives to lead our country. In this case, I believe Trump is the better of the two candidates.

We may not feel we know enough about Trump to determine if we would agree with his plans for America. But we do know he is a very successful businessman, understands the economic issues and would surround himself with conservative, knowledgeable advisers. He would also choose conservative judges.

We do know plenty about Hillary Clinton, as she has been a public person for over 30 years and her record is not pretty. As secretary of state, she orchestrated the overthrow of Kadafy regime in Libya and is directly responsible for the ensuing Benghazi tragedy.

Clinton is a liar. Carl Bernstein, of “Woodward and Bernstein” fame from the Nixon era, says, “Hillary is a specialist at lying. At a time when the Democratic base craves authenticity, Clinton seems utterly phony and fabricated.” She improved her lying skills under President Obama, who uttered these famous words: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.”

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker gave Clinton “three Pinocchios” out of four on her claims that she broke no rules by using a personal server when she received and sent classified e-mails on her unsecured server.

My biggest problem with her lying was that she lied to the families of the Americans killed in Benghazi and said the attack was caused by reaction to a video and not terrorism. We all know she and Obama consorted on this lie because the timing was most inopportune. Obama was running for his second term and he had claimed that he was defeating terrorism.

Candidates running for office are often loose with the truth, but once in office, American citizens expect the president, the secretary of state, and other officials to be truthful.

Don Cazer


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