Truth needs to come out in mayor chase

*Truth needs to come out in mayor chase *Act to save Carman Park in Rotterdam *Spa golf course owed

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Truth needs to come out in mayor chase

The recent allegations against Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy are troubling on a number of fronts — for the women who felt threatened, for the mayor whose reputation is at risk, for the police department that only recently overcame problems of past years, and for the city, which, over the years, has received more than its share of negative publicity.

Some might think, as someone who ran against him, I might get pleasure from the mayor’s predicament. I don’t. Not at all.

Like others, though, I want to know the facts. As noted in the May 29 Gazette editorial [State attorney general should investigate mayor vehicle pursuit], “all the public wants here is the truth. At the very least, the citizens are entitled to that.”

Unfortunately, as also noted, the situation cannot be resolved locally. While the district attorney, Bob Carney, would be the logical person to conduct an investigation, he cannot. The mayor and the district attorney are friends and worked together for more than 20 years. Besides, the mayor, as head of the county Democratic Committee, helped put the district attorney in his position.

Clearly, the district attorney has a conflict of interest, and he knows it, which is why he has rightly recused himself. Just as clearly, under New York state law, the governor can intervene, which would be done by requesting the attorney general to conduct an impartial investigation.

The City Council should vote to ask the governor to order the attorney general to hold that investigation. Without that request, we will all have to wait to see if the matter is of sufficient concern to the governor for him to intervene. We should not leave the matter to chance.

Let’s, quickly and impartially, get the facts — for the women, for the mayor, for the police department, and for city residents. Rather than drag matters out, the City Council should immediately do the right thing: Vote to have the governor appoint the attorney general to conduct an impartial investigation in which parties would testify under oath.

Following the investigation, the attorney general would, if appropriate, impose sanctions.

Roger Hull


Act to save Carman Park in Rotterdam

Rotterdam residents need to know that the town plans to cut healthy trees in Carman Park to create a parking lot in the last portion of our park that is not devoted to ball fields.

They plan to cut other healthy trees on the Fourth Street side. Dust and dirt from this lot will blow onto nearby residents’ cars and homes.

If you disagree, please contact Supervisor Steve Tommasone at 355-7575 or e-mail [email protected] Tell him there are better ways to improve our park. Better uses of taxpayer funds would be badly needed repairs and improvements to the basketball court that is used from early spring until late fall.

Also, replacing the trees that were removed a couple of years ago, cleaning up construction debris and hydro-seeding the barren areas near the concession stand where erosion is already starting and dust swirls on fans and players.

Hurry, the red X of death is already on some trees.

Vincent Rusch


Spa golf course owed veterans a discount

I played golf at “the state course” at Saratoga Spa on Memorial Day.

I could not believe they did not have any kind of veteran’s discount.

Think about it. A New York state recreational facility that on Memorial Day refuses “to walk the walk” when it comes to honoring our veterans.

I probably should have gone to Home Depot instead.

David Potts



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