Ali was a decent man who will be missed

*Ali was a decent man who will be missed *Trump only did what he was allowed to do *Honor Flight exc

Ali was a decent man who will be missed

The world will miss a good man — Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.

He was liked by most people, not by all. He did a lot of good in lots of areas for charity. He was a proud man and stood up for what he believed in. He fought the fight of his life with Parkinson’s disease. He was a true fighter to the end.

He will be missed.

Sid Gordon


Trump only did what he was allowed to do

Hillary Clinton thinks that using her private email server is alright just because others before her did. She did it even though she didn’t have the right to.

How come nobody is checking her finances to see if she paid her fair share of taxes? How much in taxes did the Clintons pay on the speeches they made? Did she pay taxes on the millions from contributions? How many jobs did the Clintons create?

Donald Trump did what all businessmen did. He took advantage of the loopholes. How many jobs did he create? Do you think GE and other companies paid their fair share in taxes?

If you do, let me interest you in some oceanfront property I have in Arizona.

James Maxfield


Honor Flight exciting honor for vets, family

We had the privilege to participate in the latest Leatherstocking Honor Flight on June 4. Rhonda and John Cooper performed flawlessly with their staff and completed another trip to Washington, D.C.

A large group of veterans from World War II, Korea and Vietnam was taken on a day trip to visit the various war monuments and Arlington National Cemetery. The day began very early with a motorcycle escort to the Albany airport, where a large group of well-wishers had congregated to meet and greet us. A brief ceremony was held and we departed for Washington. The entire trip was extremely exciting for everyone, especially my grandson and myself.

The entire event went off without a hitch. Thank you Rhonda, John, staff and biker escorts. You truly made our day.

Charles Jurewicz


Kristopher Ferrara


Maybe McCarthy was justified in pursuit

Enough already. Talk about a tempest in a teapot.

Here’s the mayor, who happens to see some rather suspicious activity and decides to investigate. And now he’s getting all the flack.

So maybe he was a little overzealous. But no one seems to ask, “What was that woman doing at that hour of the morning? Was she going through the trash?” Was she looking for a stray unshredded credit card number, perhaps? Or something more sinister? No one seems interested in what she was up to, only that the mayor had the audacity to question her actions and did something about it.

Well I, for one, would like to know. But I’ve learned one thing from this. Don’t get involved. From now on, if I see or hear anything suspicious, I’ll just mind my own business.

Marion Foster


Modern tests might help solve old murder

It’s easy for amateurs, educated by TV cop shows, to question real police. But the unsolved murder of Suzanne Nauman 21 years ago makes one wonder if the Schenectady police missed opportunities.

As reported in The Gazette, Nauman was a prostitute. Beside her body found at Schenectady Muni was a used condom. Surely DNA tests were done on the condom.

Knowing these results, it seems rounding up and identifying area johns by the DNA would have at least eliminated possible suspects. Or, the killer could have been nabbed.

David Childs


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