Trump held to higher standard than Clinton

*Trump held to higher standard than Clinton *Girl Scouts should be praised, not criticized *Schenect

Trump held to higher standard than Clinton

When Donald Trump calls out Hillary Clinton over her multitude of lies and pathetic political record, he is criticized for being unpresidential and an embarrassment to the country.

When “Crooked Hillary” or fake Indian Elizabeth “Liawatha” Warren screech, scream and hurl insults at Trump, the liberal press doesn’t seem to see the parallel.

Could this be another example of a double standard that everyone — except liberals — is held to account?

George Brougham


Girl Scouts should be praised, not criticized

Re letters: JoAnne Assini, May 29; Tricia Margas, June 2; Anna Mattis June 9; I am really tired of reading the letters written by individuals, whose “political correctness sensibilities” were offended because the Girl Scouts’ Niska Day float did not measure up to their particular standards.

Give me a break. These are young girls, who I am certain were very proud of their efforts and had absolutely no racist or disparaging intentions.

How about some kudos, instead of criticisms, for the time and effort the Scouts put into the project?

Ralph Pidgeon


Schenectady tax rate an unfair comparison

The June 10 headline, “Communities hit hard on taxes,” is certainly an attention grabber. It was reported that Niskayuna has the highest average tax bill, while Schenectady has the highest tax rate in the Capital District.

However, what is not pointed out is that even with the highest tax rate in the region, Schenectady’s total tax bill is significantly less than Niskayuna’s — to the tune of almost $2,900 per year, or 35 percent less.

In fact, it would be interesting to see where Schenectady ranks on the list of “Largest Tax Bills in Region.” I’m curious why that comparison wasn’t done. For some reason, The Gazette reporter only chose to list the top four tax bills in the region. In fact, the city of Schenectady’s total tax bill doesn’t even crack the top 20 for the region, despite having the highest tax rate in the region.

This is what is so frustrating to me when I hear people say “taxes are so high in Schenectady.” What they really mean is the tax rate is high, but all that should matter is the total amount of taxes paid.

Niskayuna’s average bill: $8,290; Schenectady’s average bill: $5,392. By this measure, Schenectady is one of the most affordable communities in the Capital Region.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a story about that?

Steven Weisse


President misdirects blame for shootings

The name of the perpetrator in the Sunday [June 12] night shooting in Orlando, Fla., should not be mentioned. To do so would lead to accusations of bias because of the family name. The alleged assailant’s name should be forgotten.

What cannot be forgotten is an American president who, in today’s [June 12] address from Washington, for some reason, cannot, or will not, refer to the killing of innocent Americans as “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Instead, the head of the Executive Branch of our government cites the ease with which Americans can get guns. Instead of referring to an insane ideology, the leader of our government points to the Second Amendment as being the reason for madness.

Is this the fog of war or is this an effort to blind the American public with a piece of wool? The November election cannot come soon enough.

Allen R. Remaley

Saratoga Springs


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