Speak out June 29 on CVS right-of-way

*Speak out June 29 on CVS right-of-way *To protect children, we must have guns *No one learns lesso

Speak out June 29 on CVS right-of-way

Attention residents of Burnt Hills Fire District: A public hearing on the CVS proposal is scheduled for Wednesday (June 29) at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.

As you may recall, the proposal is for the fire district to provide a right-of-way next to the firehouse on the south side for the proposed new CVS.

My opinion as a 50-year member of the fire department and past commissioner is that this would create very unsafe traffic conditions at a extremely busy two-lane intersection.

On May 27 between 2 and 3:30 p.m., I personally counted 114 school busses and trucks driving east and west. Additionally, over 1,000 cars were counted in all directions. This will undoubtedly negatively affect response time.

Additionally, approximately 67 percent of firefighters signed a letter to the commissioners stating their opposition to this proposal.

Please attend the hearing and voice your concerns.

Carl J. Thurnau

Burnt Hills

To protect children, we must have guns

Fact: Congress supports protecting our presidents and their entire families with people who have guns. This protection, of course, includes their children.

Question: How can some members of Congress, with a clear conscience, advocate the denial of parents to possess guns to protect their children?

Fred Acunto


No one learns lesson from light sentences

In reference to the June 23 letter, “Why no jail time for restaurant thieves, by Linda Cortese: It doesn’t matter the race, etc. Sadly to say, that it’s the judicial system that’s in place today.

Regardless of a misdemeanor or a felony, either one of us can commit one of these crimes, get caught, admit to these crimes, get probation, pay a small fine and be done with it. What does our society learn from this? Nothing.

This behavior will continue until they serve the penalty to the crime and stop being so lenient.

Joe Druzba


Paper no longer in favor of strong voices

In my opinion, every word of Mr. George Hughes’ June 24 letter [“Our ideological divide impedes our progress”]is on the mark. It was clear when the Gazette endorsed Gary McCarthy over Roger Hull, the editors were not interested in strong voices. I, too, miss Carl Strock. I didn’t always agree with him, but I always read his column and thought about it later.

Susanna Sherwood


Respect detour signs near water main work

I am not sure if the general public understands when a sign states “Road Closed.”

The town of Niskayuna has just embarked on a rather huge project to replace the water mains on Pearse and Lishakill roads. This will entail the roads being closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for almost three to four months.

The project has just begun this week (June 20) and I am amazed at the number cars trying to get through — or getting to an intersection and trying to turn around. Detour signs are plentiful. There is a great deal of large equipment, digging and numerous workers walking in the roadway. Cars trying to drive around them is not only unsafe, but I am sure slows down the project.

So, please when you see the large signs that say “Road Closed-Local Traffic Only,” that means people who live on that street or need it to get home — not those who need a quicker route to get somewhere else.

Unless you have an upcoming DMV [Department of Motor Vehicle] road test and need to practice your three-point turns, please stay away and let the workers do their jobs.

Denise Cashmere


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