If no guns are safer, give up your security

*If no guns are safer, give up your security *For safety’s sake, pull over for blue lights *Obama se

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If no guns are safer, give up your security

Perhaps the Democratic leadership that is afforded armed security from the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, the U.S. Armed forces, Capitol Police, any state or local police force, could show solidarity with the American people waiting for the next armed attack by taking the high road and removing their own security details.

The armed security doesn’t make them safer. In fact, having more armed people guarding them and their families may make us all less secure. The president told me so.

Since they would remove my right to protect my family, they should have to undergo that same restrictions on their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I would also suggest that all police agencies, security groups or armed forces agencies mentioned above remove from any watch list those people that are considered a threat to the leadership, since profiling, as well as consideration of any past statements or actions, should not prevent any of those misunderstood people from attaining their personal goals.

Frank Van Staveren


For safety’s sake, pull over for blue lights

As a mother of a volunteer firefighter, it is a concern of mine and very upsetting to me to see them being ignored by many other motor vehicles.

Many of them never pull over for the blue light flashing in or on the volunteers’ vehicles. Grant you, it is not a law (but should be) for you to pull over for these volunteers, but an act of common sense and courtesy.

What if it was your home and other family members, a friend or your neighbors that are in need for that emergency vehicle to arrive and you felt it unnecessary to pull over for? It could be a matter of life or death.

These men and women are volunteers — not paid — to put their lives on the line for you. They need to get to their station before a unit can be dispatched.

So next time you see that blue light flashing, think about it and pull over. Show them some respect. You never know when you or someone you know or love may need them.

Karen Brice


Obama sent the right message in Hiroshima

I was very pleased with President Obama’s recent visit to Hiroshima after the G7 Summit in Japan on May 27.

It was a historic event, being that this was the first time a sitting U.S. president visited the site where the nuclear age was ghastly announced to the world.

While right-wing pundits panic that the liberal president would offer an “apology” for the atomic bombing, Obama did no such thing and instead echoed the words spoken by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the supreme commander for the Allied Powers during the occupation of Japan.

MacArthur stated that: “A new era is upon us. The destructiveness of the war potential, through progressive advances in scientific discovery, has in fact now reached a point which revises the traditional concepts of war. We have had our last chance. If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door.”

Obama stated that: “The wars of the modern age teach us this truth. Hiroshima teaches this truth. Technological progress without an equivalent progress in human institutions can doom us. The scientific revolution that led to the splitting of an atom requires a moral revolution as well.”

Placing aside the controversy over how World War II ended, Obama’s Hiroshima visit should be viewed as an important act of compassion and reconciliation between two friendly allied nations, a bi-national expression for a more just and peaceful world.

Benjamin Turon

Ballston Spa

Claims of dowsing as science are all wet

The June 17 Gazette article, “Dowsers find Spa City just divine,” omits one very important fact: dowsing is a pseudoscience. There is no empirical evidence that dowsing can reveal the presence of water, buried treasure or anything else.

One sentence in Wikipedia summarizes the evidence thus: “A 1979 review examined many controlled studies of dowsing for water, and found that none of them showed better than chance results.”

Wikipedia and several other websites discuss dowsing at considerable length (and give references), and the consensus of those who have tested it empirically is that dowsing is nonsense.

Roger Grasier


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