Democratic presidents keep having to clean up Republican messes

*Democratic presidents keep having to clean up Republican messes *Give credit where credit is due in

Democratic presidents keep having to clean up Republican messes

Anthony Monte on July 23 wrote, “Democrats are not serving the people.” Many Americans differ on that statement. Electing, then re-electing President Obama, says your opinion is wrong.

What has the GOP Congress done besides vacations, naming post offices and shutting down the government because they did not want their fellow Americans to be able to see a doctor? (All those same Republicans have at least 10 health insurance options under the Federal Employee Plan/FEP to chose from and we (taxpayers) pay 70 percent of their health insurance premium).

I kept my company health plan and doctors, as did many Americans. These same Republicans should have passed President Obama’s job’s bill back in 2013. Millions of Americans across this country would have been employed, fixing our deplorable roads, bridges and airports. But guess what, that would have made President Obama look good. That’s called party over your country Mr. Monte.

Democrats do not want your guns. No one has said that. What they and 90 percent of Americans have said is they want zero first -graders being blown into so many pieces by military weapons that some parents had nothing left to bury. There is no need for military weapons on our streets.

Actor-turned-president you admired, former President Reagan, sold weapons to our enemies, plus did not protect 200 Marines who died in Beirut. Reagan wasn’t even questioned, yet Mrs. Clinton was investigated before Congress. If the Republican House had not cut the security budgets at all our embassies and outposts, those four Americans might still be alive.

President Obama, like former President Clinton, came into office and immediately had to save our economy from bad GOP policies. President Obama had to save the economy and our auto industry, and we no longer have more than 12,000 American soldiers dying/maimed in wars not budgeted for, not needed, as there were zero WMD’s.

Hillary Clinton served Arkansas children and families, tried to introduce health care as first lady, worked across the aisle as New York state senator, and is now the best qualified, most experienced person this country has ever had to run for president.

Mr. Monte, Democrats not only served the American people, two Democratic presidents also saved the American people from the disaster they inherited from Republican presidents.

Diane Hombach


Give credit where credit is due in Schenectady schools

I feel compelled to voice my opinion regarding Schenectady City School District’s [SCSD] current decisions and actions around redistricting and day-to-day demands on teachers in the classroom.

I am a former Schenectady resident and a parent of two children who attended Schenectady city school. I remain friends with many teachers I the district. I am wondering if the public is really aware of what is happening on the ground level in the schools.

Morale among staff is at an all-time low. It seems as though teachers don’t have confidence in their upper administration and the decisions they are making for the district.

Obsession with useless testing that gives minimal information for the sole purpose of data analysis has taken a priority over lesson prep and good instruction. Teachers then need to give appropriate tests in order to asses their students’ needs. Keeping students engaged in an environment focused on high level thinking and learning becomes secondary.

Demands on teachers are ever increasing and not around instruction. What I’m hearing from teachers is that this past year has been a prime example of how students were not the first priority.

With the district reorganization, teachers in buildings that were closing were told to begin packing in January. Should dismantling a classroom be done on student time? I think not. What message did that send to students about the importance of putting learning first?

It appears that the school board and upper administrators did not understand the impact of their decisions. How much time do they actually spend in schools or classrooms? How are teachers expected to perform their duties to the best of their abilities while focused on sorting material and packing? I am shocked at the amount of materials teachers were responsible for moving to their homes and then will have to move back to their classrooms in September.

In a recent article, statistics were given on the graduation rate. Credit was given to Superintendent Laurence Spring for raising the graduation rate, with no mention of teachers and para-professionals who actually do the work. I have first-hand knowledge of how hard these teachers work for the students of SCSD.

Recent articles in the paper have not told the full story. I felt I needed to write this letter to acknowledge teachers in SCSD and present another side to what is happening in the schools.

Patti Tremante


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