Glenville has enough grocery stores now

*Glenville has enough grocery stores now *Newborn care needed at center for mothers *State can find

Glenville has enough grocery stores now

There is currently a proposal being considered in the town of Glenville to build an Aldi’s on Route 50 in the vacant lot adjacent to Subway.

The first thought that comes to mind is that at least it’s not a bank or a pizza joint. I’m sure that developing that long-vacant property will be good for the town’s tax base, and I’m equally sure that such development is permissible under current zoning provisions. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

Right across Route 50 from the proposed Aldi’s is a Price Chopper and, within several miles as you travel south, is a Hannaford, a Target with a grocery department and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. I would think that is more than enough to serve the grocery needs of the local population.

I can’t help but feel that encouraging an Aldi’s is step one in creating another Kmart/Grand Union situation. Someone’s time would be better spent marketing that vacant property in such a way as to attract one or two quality dining facilities (not fast food), something I think the people of Glenville would welcome far more than another grocery store.

Marc Duquette


Newborn care needed at center for mothers

I am writing in support of Jill Walsh’s July 26 letter [“Restore baby nursery at Bellevue center”] regarding the elimination of the newborn nursery at Bellevue Woman’s Center.

As a woman whose three children were born at Bellevue and a recently retired RN, who worked on the postpartum unit at Bellevue for 35 years, I believe I have a unique perspective on the subject.

Many changes have taken place at Bellevue in recent years, and in my view, they were not always positive. The most recent policy change involved the elimination of the newborn nursery under the guise of improving mother/infant bonding. I cannot help but think that there is some underlying financial motive for Ellis Medicine.

At a time when hospital stays are shorter than ever due to pressure by insurance companies, and when many parents lack the assistance of extended family, closing of the newborn nursery means the elimination of respite care.

Mothers exhausted from labor or recovering from a C-section will no longer have the luxury of a warm shower or a nap without worrying about their infants. I believe a short nap has very positive physical, mental and emotional benefits for a new mother, without adversely impacting bonding.

Additionally, I also question the safety of leaving sleep-deprived new mothers, or those feeling the effects of narcotic medications, responsible for the care and monitoring of their infants.

The nursing staff has had no input regarding these policy changes. These dedicated professionals, many of whom I worked with for years, are concerned that they are no longer able to provide the same excellent standard of care Bellevue was always known for. Instead, it appears that mediocre care is now sufficient for Ellis Medicine.

I encourage patients and their families who are dissatisfied with this new policy, and the subsequent reduced level of support, to write to the Ellis Medicine administration. Is this policy really in the best interest of mothers and babies? Unfortunately, change is not always positive.

Linanne Young

Ballston Lake

State can find money to keep Malta bridge

I heard from my neighbors that the Nelson Avenue bridge over the Northway in the city of Saratoga will be closed (removed?) by the state due to lack of maintenance funding. Malta town officials have confirmed it.

How is it that the state is prepared to support millions of dollars for a $10 million wooden bridge to nowhere in Blenheim, has already spent millions supporting a $16 million foot bridge in Amsterdam, and is prepared to support a new train station in Schenectady that contractors apparently think will cost twice that being budgeted?

The Gazette reported on July 19 that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will spend up to $450,000 for an “independent” investigation of the federal (Preet Bharara) investigation of the “Buffalo Billion.” Is it because the state is only interested in fantasies and not reality? Or is there another reason?

The bridge was built in the 1960s and data shows that hundreds are using the bridge every day.

Bill Gorman


Support Kleug for Senate on Sept. 13

I am very impressed with Christian Klueg running for New York State Senate and seeing the number of signatures he received — four times more than required, for the right to be in the Republican primary. That says a lot about both him and the voters in his district.

It shows that many voters are finally tired enough of the status quo in Albany and that they are ready for a change. Christian is a genuine person who has built his successful small business from the ground up. He knows it takes hard work, dedication and conviction to succeed and make a difference in your surroundings.

With his grassroots effort and, if the voters who signed his petitions will get out on Sept. 13 and vote for Christian in the primary, I believe we will be able to change Albany.

William Donnan


Stores should stop supporting smoking

I would like to express my opinion about the dangers of cigarette smoking.

Stores like Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, Hannaford, Aldi’s, Stewarts, mom-and-pop stores, etc., promote cigarette smoking and kill Americans every year.

The only store that has a conscience is CVS. They don’t sell cigarettes at all. They took all the cigarettes off the shelves.

Cigarettes cause cancers of the mouth, larynx , esophagus, kidneys, cervix, liver, bladder, pancreas, stomach, nose, lungs (affects 80 percent of smokers and 20 percent non-smokers), as well as emphysema, heart disease, colon cancer, rectal cancer and myeloid leukemia. Summarizing, cigarettes affect the whole body.

Steven P. Goldberg


Trump’s inability to admit errors is scary

Donald Trump is human like all of us, and thus does makes mistakes. But he will never admit it and keeps going off in the wrong direction. When he does this as president on the world stage, he takes the country with him.

This scares me very much.

George Summerell

Saratoga Springs

Clinton should take mom’s advice on lies

At about the age of 11 or 12, I remember my mother taking me into the kitchen, and with a stentorian voice, she pointed her finger at me and said, “Don’t you ever lie to me.” Those words have stayed with me all these years.

Maybe Hillary should have met my mother.

Jerry Bubniak


Publish more news from outlying areas

Re Aug. 1 letter, “Too much New York City news in Gazette”: We agree with Richard Felak that The Daily Gazette should cover more local news.

We can remember when the paper published more stories from surrounding communities like Amsterdam, Gloversville and Galway

It would seem that doing this would also help improve its circulation.

Pat London

Tony London


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