Shen property would make a terrific park

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Shen property would make a terrific park

I was very glad to see Susan Burton’s Aug. 11 letter, “Keep Shen property in the public domain.”

It is important that all Clifton Park residents become aware of the impending sale of this beautiful piece of property in the heart of downtown Clifton Park. It is a lovely, full-growth forest that would make a perfect park for relaxing, hiking, bird-watching and other nature activities.

Residents, please join the grassroots campaign and encourage the school board and the Town Board to keep this space public for the enjoyment of our town by writing them, advocating at board meetings, and becoming a member of Friends of Clifton Park Open Space. This parcel is a gem that our town cannot afford to lose.

Joseph Nial

Clifton Park

Health depends on solving water issues

We can no longer wait to fix and replace all the water pipes that are in need of repair, or whatever, that furnish us with drinking water.

The same is true with all the pipes that carry raw sewage from one area to another. What good is money if you continue to become sick, or worse, if you continue to drink bad water and swim in lakes that make you sick because they are polluted?

Let’s get smart and save ourselves from ourselves. Or isn’t that important anymore?

Think about it and start the fix now before it’s too late.

Sid Gordon

Saratoga Springs

Look forward to each issue of ’Toga 10’ list

I have enjoyed reading the ‘Toga 10 lists each day and look forward to the rest.

From the New York City Ballet, Saratoga history, photo spots, mineral water, outside dining, to the August place to flee.

The section is thoroughly entertaining, with lots of fun and interesting tidbits about the whole of Saratoga, not just the track, but so much more.

Pat Rourke


Media skews news to favor Clinton, Obama

President Obama believes it is possible the Russians (Putin) may be influencing our election process by releasing “Hillary emails.”

One learns more from their enemies than friends; life works that way. Americans are seeing the real Hillary, no thanks to our biased media. Thank you, “Mother Russia.”

President Obama attempted to influence Israeli elections.

That was OK. What goes around comes around.

Edmond Day



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