Climate change proof is all over the news

*Climate change proof is all over the news *Constitution changes made country greater *America's cho

Climate change proof is all over the news

Do you wonder if climate change is real? Here are some headlines that indicate that it is.

1) Sao Paulo, Brazil: A city of 20 million people in severe drought, due to climate change and deforestation.

2) Sea Level Rise Accelerated: From 1993 to 2010, it rose twice as much as from 1901 to 2000. By 2060, estimates are that it will rise from nine inches to two feet.

3) Miami, Florida: Flooding severely during storms.

4) Was this a 1,000-year flood?: Flooding in South Carolina after 10-20 inches of rain.

5) Hurricane in Atlantic during January: Hurricane season is not expected until June, when the oceans warm.

6) One-third of Earth’s coral reefs bleached: Many are not expected to recover. Warming, acidified oceans cause coral bleaching.

7) Severe thunderstorm outbreak, including tornadoes, possible next week: Tornado season seems to be all year long now.

8) Extraordinary heat wave strikes southeast Asia.

9) June does it again: Global temperature sets 14th consecutive monthly temperature.

10) Unusual warmth may be expected to lead into hot summer ahead.

11) Dead Horse Alaska sets state record high for any Arctic Ocean location.

12) In Alaska’s remote towns, climate change is already leaving many hungry.

13) CO2 [carbon dioxide] level in atmosphere reaches 408 parts per million (ppm): 350 ppm was considered the upper acceptable limit of atmospheric CO2.

Please, conserve fossil fuels.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson


Constitution changes made country greater

In an Aug. 16 letter to the editor [“Lincoln: Constitution should be left alone”], there was a plea to not change the Constitution based on remarks made by President Lincoln in the 1850s.

I would like to point out that since that time, there have been a number of changes made to the Constitution. They are called amendments. Without them, slaves would still be slaves, blacks couldn’t vote, women couldn’t vote, poll taxes were eliminated, 18-year-olds could be drafted but, couldn’t vote, etc.

Here is the list of those amendments:

12th) There are separate ballets for the president and vice president.

13th) The abolishment of slavery.

14th) Equal protection under the Constitution for all U.S. citizens.

15th) No voting discrimination of race.

16th) Income tax is legal.

17th) Popular vote for U.S. Senate.

18th) Prohibition of alcohol.

19th) Women’s right to vote.

20th) Moving of dates for terms of presidency.

21st) Repeal of prohibition of alcohol.

22nd) Limits the terms presidents can serve.

23rd) Washington D.C. have the right to vote for president.

24th) No poll taxes are allowed.

25th) The succession for presidency shall something happen to the president.

26th) The minimum voting age is 18.

27th) Congress cannot get a pay raise until the next term.

I hope that we don’t think that America was “great” before these amendments.

Glenn Gray


America’s choice: The unknown vs. crooked

The media’s job is to report the news without prejudice, but the majority of the news coverage portrays Donald Trump as reckless and unfit to be president while “Teflon Hillary” continues to sit on her throne. You would choose the unknown over dishonest and crooked? God have mercy on this country.

Linda Knightes


Like Farley, Tedisco will help NY business

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco is currently running for the Senate seat soon to be vacated by Sen. Hugh Farley. It saddens me to think of Sen. Farley’s retirement; however, I am encouraged by Jim’s problem solving skills and his ability to continue the good example Hugh has set.

New York’s tax-heavy, red-tape-laden, seemingly endless state bureaucracy makes it very difficult to do business in upstate New York.

Considerations of keeping the insurance agency I own in my hometown, let alone my home state, were very difficult at times. I have found both Jim Tedisco and Hugh Farley to be some of the most staunch business supporters in this otherwise hostile business environment. I can offer countless examples where it was only by the care and consideration of these two men that I was able to justify keeping my business here.

As the steward of the employees who choose to work here, I feel better that there are still capable legislators in Albany. I thank Sen. Farley for his many years of service and hope that voters will recognize the stellar track record, knowledge and experience that Jim Tedisco can bring to the Senate seat.

Brian Merriam


Make effort to adopt abandoned animals

Is there anyone out there who could help the Capital District Humane Association save animal’s lives? They need foster homes right now. Abused dogs and cats on death row need people who will be able to keep them until they find forever homes.

Some time ago, I fostered two terrier type dogs. When I got one home, I happened to see a lost-and-found ad for that particular dog in the local newspaper.

Happily, he went home. The second one was very intelligent, but very energetic. People who came to look at him decided that he was too active.

Finally, a young couple decided that he’d probably work out. About that time, a woman called and said that the dog sounded like what she was looking for. This woman came over form Vermont and fell in love with Beaver.

As things would have it, Beaver found his ideal home. He went with his new owner when she went riding and swimming in her pond. The woman told us that he was overjoyed and that he was the best dog that she’d ever owned. So close to death, he brought a lot of joy to someone.

If you are good with dogs and cats and would like to help, please call Jennifer at 518-664-3450.

The CDHA has been around for many years and has also been involved in animal abuse cases. Even if you can’t foster animals, there are many ways that you can make a big difference.

Martha Winsten


Many improvements still needed at Ellis

Re Aug. 12 letter, “Unhappy with care at Ellis Medicine’s ED”: This certainly rang a very loud bell for me — only different people with different circumstances.

It was Aug. 9 for us, arriving at the ED at 6 p.m. and leaving at 4:30 a.m. on Aug. 10. The whole department does look very beautiful. But what good is beautiful if patients cannot be properly treated? We also encountered rudeness, uncaring attitudes, lack of introductions and/or explanations.

There was a serious situation there that night, but most of the situations for our loved ones are serious, too. Are there no other staff in the hospital who could lend a helping hand? I even had to ask for a chair after standing for two hours.

There has to be a great deal of improvement at “beautiful Ellis ED” before they can honestly advertise about administering a quick response to patients or to people they refer to as “customers.”

Beverly Oudt


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