Tedisco loses a vote by supporting Trump

*Tedisco loses a vote by supporting Trump *Hynes-Walsh strong choice for Assembly *It’s vital that

Tedisco loses a vote by supporting Trump

Re Aug. 20 article, “Area GOP leaders feel Trump won’t hurt other candidates”: Jim Tedisco has just lost my vote after all these years.

I was shocked when I read The Gazette and discovered he was giving Donald Trump his full support.

I guess Jim is more interested in politics than representing the people that have voted for him all these years.

So sorry to write this letter. Mr. Tedisco has always been there for all of us.

Martha Shanty


Hynes-Walsh strong choice for Assembly

I want to express my respect and gratitude to Mary Beth Hynes-Walsh, who is running for the 112th New York state Assembly district, the seat held by James Tedisco.

I got to know Mary Beth when she served on the Ballston Town Board and as chairwoman of the town’s Land Conservation Committee about 10 years ago. Of all the board members, she was the fiercest advocate for protecting the town from sprawl and promoting smart growth development. She is smart, tenacious and most importantly, she respects and listens to the people she serves.

Mary Beth took her responsibility as the people’s representative very seriously, and with 85 percent of the town wanting small-scale, locally driven development, she did not waver.

Over the years, she has continued to stay engaged with her community, displaying a long-standing commitment to public service.

In this era of bought politicians, Mary Beth is someone I trust.

Her integrity and the respect she showed for the people she served are worthy of admiration.

Ben Baskin

Ballston Spa

It’s vital that kids get mental health lessons

Sara Foss’s suggestion that mental health be taught as a mandatory part of the overall school health curriculum is spot-on.

The health classes we took in the Glens Falls and Adirondack Central school districts did a respectable job covering broad physical health issues, but we remember little to no emphasis on mental health. Granted, this may have changed in the decades since we attended school. But making mental health a mandatory topic — and in our opinion a substantial topic — of the health curriculum, is critical. We’d even argue this topic deserves a separate course in and of itself, taught by qualified mental health personnel.

When you consider the social and economic tolls of drug addiction, the addictive always-connected, always-on text/tweet/Facebook mindset of Millennials and our newest generation, the cyber-bullying that’s deeply interwoven through that mindset, kids today have a lot on their minds.

Educating them about mental health issues from the ground-up is a root-cause treatment for many staggeringly expensive social problems of today — including the heroin epidemic, obesity and overcrowded prisons.

Understanding and respecting mental health issues should be part of a bipartisan agenda. It is not only ethically just, but politically astute when you look at the long-term economics.

Recognizing and teaching that mental health is firmly interconnected with physical health would address these social issues, as well as teach our children that there’s absolutely no shame or indignity in mental health issues.

It’s just as valid a health concern as HIV, Zika or cancer.

Signing the Mental Health Education Bill should be one of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top priorities.

Darcelle Bleau

Eric Etkin


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