Duanesburg board should honor vets

*Duanesburg board should honor vets *Conason should put all facts in his column *Ellis experience qu

Duanesburg board should honor vets

In roughly five months, the Niskayuna School Board reviewed and adopted the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption, giving veterans in the district a tax break. It appears it may take well over two years for veterans and Gold Star parents in the Duanesburg Central School District to receive the same tax breaks.

Last November, the Niskayuna School Board received a petition from veterans requesting a public hearing on the Alternative Veterans’ Exception. In December, the board met with veterans and scheduled a public hearing in January 2016. In February, the board conducted an online survey.

As a result of the survey and overwhelming support from the community, the board adopted the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption in March. Veterans will see a reduced tax bill in Niskayuna this September.

It’s our understanding that the Duanesburg school board has received a petition from veterans requesting a public hearing on the Alternative Veterans’ Exemption. Additionally, an informal survey completed by the district at the time of the school budget vote revealed a majority of the participants supported a veterans’ tax break.

It’s not clear why the Duanesburg school board and Superintendent Christine Crowley would delay the veterans’ request for a public hearing. The board clearly has the authority to fulfill the veterans’ request for a timely public hearing.

Maybe it’s time for the Duanesburg school board to honor and recognize its veterans for their service and the Gold Star parents for their loss by scheduling a public hearing.

Robert J. Serotta


The writer is the commander of the Lt. Vibert O. Fryer, Chapter 88 of the Disabled American Veterans.

Conason should put all facts in his column

The Aug. 20 opinion piece by Joe Conason in the Daily Gazette lamented that Julian Assange was stirring up conspiracy theories regarding the murder of Seth Rich, an employee with Democratic National Committee.

Conason lambasted Assange for implying that Rich may have been killed to silence him from speaking to authorities about Hilary Clinton’s nefarious conduct regarding the Clinton Foundation.

To make his case, Conason made this erroneous statement in his column: “There is no evidence whatsoever, of course, that Rich’s tragic murder was anything other than the result of an attempted street robbery, still under investigation — as various news outlets and fact-checking sites have explained.”

No evidence whatever? From the beginning, the reports of this murder stated how unusual it was that none of Rich’s belongings at the crime scene — his cell phone, wallet or watch — were taken. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to conclude that this crime wasn’t a street robbery. It was something else.

For Conason to go out of his way to omit such a vital detail of this story and further a false premise suggests to me that he has an agenda to discredit Assange and protect Hillary Clinton. The Gazette should fact-check all of the columnists that submit op-eds before they appear in this paper.

William Aiken


Ellis experience quick, courteous and caring

I would like the community to know about the great experience my family had on July 30 at the Ellis Hospital Emergency Room [ER]. That’s the time when my mother fell and split her head open at 9:30 p.m.

I was certain that we’d be at the hospital all night long. Instead, our experience at Ellis was a pleasant surprise. Despite the time and day, the ER was quiet — surely due in part to the spacious layout — and my mother was seen right away.

Everyone on the hospital staff was pleasant, polite and helpful. She was carefully checked over and cleaned up. She was wheeled away for a CT scan and was wheeled back within 10 minutes. Her wound was stapled. When she got impatient with still being there at 12:30 a.m., the doctor brought her a selection of tea bags and made her a cup of tea to tide her over while paperwork was completed.

We left at 1 a.m. after just three hours. I had parked — for free — in the parking garage just steps from the ER entrance. I am grateful for the beautiful clean new facility, but even more so for caring and professional hospital staff who took care of my mother that night.

Tina Mrazik


Democrat won’t cross party line for Tedisco

I am a registered Democrat who has on occasion voted outside of my party. When I did, it was because I felt the candidate of the opposing party was more suited to the job than my party’s candidate.

After reading the Aug. 21 article [“Area GOP leaders feel Trump won’t hurt other candidates”], I felt so sorry and ashamed that I ever chose James Tedisco. To hear him say that he will support Trump knocked the wind out of my sails.

This man incites and encourages racism, has a sick slant on women, including his own daughter, calls himself a businessman, and has swindled people out of money with his fake university. He is a BFF [best friends forever] of Russian President Vladimir Putin. I guess it’s business as usual for Tedisco.

Maybe my measly vote meant nothing to you, but my measly vote will never go your way again. Party over country, right Tedisco?

Claudia Fennicks


Gerard Moser will be a true representative

I hope voters will begin taking a look at the non-establishment candidates running for local office. Change has to start happening locally.

I personally know Gerard Moser, who is running for the 113th Assembly seat. He is involved in the community. He is a very approachable person and is always willing to sit and talk or jump in and help. He shows leadership in all that he does.

Being the only non-establishment candidate running for the 113th Assembly seat, he is not ethically challenged with owing political favors. As we all know, many of our elected officials have let us down. The cronyism that we see in all levels of government needs to end, starting with local positions. We need a person like Gerard Moser, who will be a true representative for all of us.

Gerard already volunteers in different sectors of the community. He has stood up for the people of this district and has worked with the local government to get things done. Voluntarism is what our government was supposed to be, not a lifetime career. I always hear candidates say what they are going to do if they get elected. Gerard Moser has been working on our behalf without asking for anything in return. He is dedicated to our community.

Robert S. Hieber

Saratoga Springs

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