Tedisco’s experience an asset in Senate

*Tedisco’s experience an asset in Senate *Plenty of reasons not to vote for Clinton *Drug payment cu

Tedisco’s experience an asset in Senate

I feel strongly that Jim Tedisco is the only Republican primary candidate that is capable of beating the Democratic challenger in November.

Jim has the experience, dedication, and the fierce determination we need in order to retain control of the Senate. A loss in the Sept. 13 primary to Christian Klueg would basically mean handing the Democrats control of what we have maintained for so long.

If you are a serious Republican voter, now is not the time to be swayed by the political oratory about the status quo. Much of the hope and change that these political newcomers claim as their platform end up resulting in failure and broken promises.

Jim Tedisco has demonstrated time and time again a willingness to put his neck on the line to better the future for all New Yorkers, whether it is for the small business owners, the teachers, the students, the animals, and for the everyday people like me, who are trying to create the best life possible for my family.

I applaud his experience and leadership, and consider his years of service an asset, not a reason to limit the possibilities of the other things he can do. Let’s support Jim and help keep our Republican majority in the Senate where it belongs.

Jan Frasier


Plenty of reasons not to vote for Clinton

Vince Dacquisto’s Aug. 23 letter (regarding my Aug. 1 letter) had everything you would expect from a Hillary Clinton fanatic. It had denials (she didn’t break any laws), misdirection (blaming Bush for Mideast mess), childish name calling (racist, demagogue, ilk; oh, they love that word, ilk) and several personal insults.

Mr. Dacquisto should be a spokesperson for her campaign. I notice he didn’t tout anything wonderful she did. But then how could he, as she can’t run on her record.

He claims Cynthia Swanson’s Aug. 1 letter is full of Hillary “accomplishments.” Fighting for this cause and championing that one are not in of themselves accomplishments. Neither is co-sponsoring a bill. All that is is adding your name to someone else’s idea.

They should both read the Aug. 8 article in The Gazette, “Clinton’s promises fell flat in upstate NY.” It seems her biggest moment was getting some artists loft space in Buffalo. Whoop-dee-doo. The article says it’s something on the level of a city councilman or mayor, not someone running for president.

George W. Bush didn’t plan the ouster of Gaddaffi, letting ISIS take over Libya; didn’t support Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt; didn’t draw a line in the sand in Syria then do nothing; didn’t moronically tell the enemy the exact date we would pull our troops out; didn’t make stupid deals with our enemy, Iraq.

That’s all on Hillary and President Obama, period. Let’s not forget Bill Clinton let bin Laden slip away in 1996. Just recently, we have Hillary’s State Department access for sale to the highest bidder and 15,000 more e-mails. FBI Director James Comey said she was untruthful when directly asked by Trey Gowdy. None of that matters to Mr. Dacquisto and his liberal friends, though. She can do no wrong in their eyes.

To half quote a line from him, I’m afraid “there are enough of you to elect this monstrous liar.”

Marc A Smalkin


Drug payment cuts will harm patients

As a local rheumatologist who treats Medicare patients, I am deeply concerned by a recent proposal from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that could result in further payment cuts for Medicare Part B drugs. If implemented, this mandatory payment model test would wreak havoc on patients and cause massive access and safety problems.

Many rheumatologists have already been forced to stop administering biologic therapies to Medicare patients suffering from arthritis, lupus, and other rheumatic diseases because the current Part B payment structure does not cover the cost of obtaining and providing these complex therapies to patients.

An additional payment cut would drive even more Medicare patients into less safe and more expensive settings — such as the patient’s home or the hospital — to receive needed therapies, if they can access them at all.

The proposed pay cuts are intended to incentivize physicians to prescribe less expensive drugs. But there are very few Part B biologics available to rheumatology patients to begin with, and their costs are all similar. Biologics are complex and cannot be easily interchanged or switched for less expensive options. Once a patient finds a biologic that works for him or her, it may be the only option.

Rheumatologists welcome meaningful reforms that will make biologics more affordable. However, the current proposed Medicare payment cuts will do nothing more than restrict Medicare patients’ access to safe and life-changing therapies.

Martin Farber


Trump lacks morality to serve as president

In my almost 75 years I have lived through the elections of 12 presidents and never have I seen such filth being peddled by Trump and his supporters. Many of them call themselves Christians. There are even so-called Christian leaders carrying the Trump banner. One has to wonder what Bible they are reading and who they are professing to follow.

The filth thrown out by Trump at rallies where his followers bring their children is language not heard in sleazy bar rooms. The lesson they are giving their children is that cursing and telling untruths is what our country is all about. Four-letter words pour from Trump’s mouth, and any hint of morals is thrown aside.

Trump falls into the same category as a false prophet when he spouts out his hate and flip-flops every time the wind changes direction. His dishonoring of a family that lost a son fighting for our freedoms is a slap in the face to everyone who has worn a uniform.

As a draft dodger and a coward, he should stop beating the drums of war and go back to his golf club where is thought a hero by his underlings. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Election Day to be rid of this stain on our political process and our country.

In the meantime, his supporters can enjoy their outsourced Trump products that are putting Americans out of work. There is a good chance Trump may have “Made in China” stamped on his heel.

Gary Philip Guido


New Glenville park is asset to community

I just spent a very enjoyable summer afternoon at the Mountain Ridge Adventure Zip line Park in Glenville.

Having read about the controversy over the park’s permit and the worries of neighbors regarding noise, etc. I was keen to experience it for myself.

So, on this particular afternoon, I was aware of two kinds of noise there. First, I could hear the sounds of adults and kids (sans cell phones. Imagine.) enjoying our great upstate outdoors as they encouraged each other to complete the physical and mental challenges of the course.

Second, I could hear gunshots coming from a firing range close by. I know which of the two I find more disturbing. I believe that there has also been some question over safety issues. Before starting the course, we were given a thorough 50-minute hands-on safety talk and demonstration. I have participated in several high rope/zip line challenge courses and I will say that the equipment used at Mountain Ridge is the most secure that I have used.

I greatly appreciated the owner’s and instructor’s acceptance of, and patience with, my autistic son, who enjoys a challenge as much as the next person, even if it sometimes takes him a little longer to “learn the ropes.”

I encourage you all to get out to Glenville and try this activity. I urge the Glenville Town Board to grant owner Michael Cellni the town permit already, and let him get on with providing this incredible asset to our community.

Christine Ironside


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