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Clown sighting no laughing matter to Clifton Park residents

Clifton Park and Halfmoon residents are being spooked by clowns a bit early this Halloween season. R

Clifton Park and Halfmoon residents are being spooked by clowns a bit early this Halloween season. Reports of creepy clowns in the two southern Saratoga County towns are sparking concern among residents.

According to the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department, a complaint was filed Monday evening about a suspicious person dressed as a clown at an apartment complex in Clifton Park. According to police, the caller saw the clown about an hour earlier. Officers investigated the area but were unable to locate the person of interest. While no laws were broken, the investigation is still active.

Early Wednesday morning, the Sheriff’s Department received a call at 7 a.m. reporting a person dressed as a clown standing in front of an apartment building in Halfmoon. Upon further investigation, the clown sighting reported in Halfmoon was based on a photo circulating on social media.

According to police, “the individual who had dressed in the clown outfit [in Halfmoon] contacted the sheriff’s office and has been interviewed. The photograph which has been circulated on social media shows children in the picture, the children were interacting with the clown with their parent’s knowledge and consent. There was no ill intent and no crimes were committed.”

Lt. Shelly Zieske of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Departmente still advises residents to report any suspicious individuals.

These local clown incidents come just a month after The New York Times published a story about unsettling clown sightings in South Carolina. The clowns allegedly tried to lure children into the woods and scared adults as well.

On Aug. 30, New York Times reporter Katie Rogers wrote, “The Greenville sheriff’s office investigated reports that residents of the apartment complex may have fired shots in the direction of the wooded area” as a means of vigilante justice against the clowns.

Capital Region residents have taken to social media to express their concerns.

“It’s very disturbing that this is happening so close to home and it’s more disturbing that there’s nothing specific we can do about it,” said Clifton Park resident Peter McPherson.

“Apparently there’s one of those creepy clowns walking around Clifton park so I’m gonna lock myself in my apartment for the rest of the night,” wrote Amy Daus on twitter.

Mark Cepiel, the public information officer for Troop G, said the state police have not received any reports as of Wednesday afternoon, though they have been fielding calls from the press regarding the issue since Monday.

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