Freedom depends on people being ethical

*Freedom depends on people being ethical *Candidates: Display your party affiliation *Trump won't st

Freedom depends on people being ethical

Regarding the SUNY Poly corruption scandal, I’m reminded of what free market economist Lawrence Reed said in his book, “Are We Good Enough For Liberty,” about the indispensable connection between liberty and character (integrity). Throughout history, he wrote, “no people who lost their character kept their liberty.”

In our case, it is a character deficit every time someone pressures government to give them something at the expense of others; every time an office holder buys votes by robbing Peter to pay Paul; every time voters reward a corrupt office holder with praise and re-election; every time someone compromises their integrity and independence for a handout, a subsidy, a special privilege, a position.

A free society only flourishes when people seek to be models of honor, honesty and propriety at whatever the cost in material wealth, social status or popularity.

Power seekers are always attracted to big government. However, when government is limited to its proper role of protecting our God-given rights to life, liberty and property, the government spends little, power seekers go elsewhere, and freedom rules.

If we don’t cut government, the only alternative is a moral, religious test for politicians and other government leaders to ensure that they are God fearing and wise. And who wouldn’t want wise leaders? After all, as it says in Proverbs 9:10 and Psalm 111:10, “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.”

Obviously, our latest crop of crooks is anything but wise and God fearing.

Robert E. Dufresne


Candidates: Display your party affiliation

Questions for politicians running for election. Why are you not listing your party affiliation?

Trump and Clinton, along with the others seeking the presidency, proudly announce their party. They are the Republican candidate, or the Democratic candidate, or some other party candidate.

This year, it is important to the voters to know which party you are affiliated with. The TV ads are running, but not one candidate for Congress or local office is proud to list Republican or Democratic party in their ad. Why not?

This year it is critical for those supporting Trump to know which local people to support in November. This year, it is important for those supporting Clinton to know which local people to support in November.

For the first time in my life, at age 78, I will be voting a straight one party line. I will not be splitting my votes between Republican and Democratic candidates. I think a lot of people will be doing the same.

Edward F. Wagner

Clifton Park

Trump won’t start thinking of others

When members of the electorate say that they are supporting Donald Trump because he is willing to “tell it like it is,” I believe that they are confusing hubris and hypocrisy with courage and honesty. To support my perspective, consider the following realities about Mr. Trump.

He has assailed the integrity of the Clinton marriage, although he has been married three times and is an admitted adulterer. He has attacked Sen. John McCain’s war record and insulted a Gold Star family, although neither he nor his children have served in the military.

He claims that he is a very successful businessman, although he has declared bankruptcy at least four times at the expense of his creditors.

He says that he cares about American jobs, although he has a long record of marketing products sold in the United States but made by foreign workers.

He insists that he has nothing to hide about his finances and wealth, although he refuses to release his tax returns.

He boasts that he alone can solve the nation’s problems, although he has no relevant experience. He repeatedly insults minorities and women, and then claims that he is a unifier.

He has lived a life of privilege, has exploited the system to the limit, and yet demeans our country.

He has been successful in promoting his label, but his success has occurred at the expense of the very people he is now promising to help.

He claims that his foundation focuses on charitable giving. However, he has used foundation funds to settle lawsuits and to give Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi a $25,000 donation.

In short, his personal life and career have focused solely on his ambitions and needs, ignoring the welfare of others. The notion that as president he would be concerned about the welfare of others is laughable.

Don Steiner


Kudos to Strock for stance on Mideast

Re Oct. 1 letter, “Did Israel have right to drive Arabs away?”: Kudos to Carl Strock for his courage in addressing the Israel/Palestine dilemma.

The facts, as stated, are that the European Jews immigrated to Palestine and pushed the local Palestinian Arabs out of their land in order to create a Jewish state.

Does this not ring of the European immigrants to America? Sounds like maybe a double standard? I don’t know the answer, maybe because I don’t want to.

Kathy Stanley


We must make space exploration easier

Elon Musk recently announced his plan to get people to Mars — a plan, which while exciting, has been called into question frequently.

I read an article just recently questioning whether the plan was even legal. To make a long story short, the answer was “not very.” The news concerning space has made me ask a lot of questions lately, but the constant is “Why are we still here?”

Maybe it’s because I’m young and my worries and responsibilities don’t quite extend past school, family and friends just yet. But I can’t understand why we haven’t made further efforts to focus a little more on what’s not on this planet.

There’s more to the world than Earth, and maybe what we need right now is a billionaire who wants to get people to Mars.

Bridget Cox

Town of Florida

Reinstitute certain words into language

Every year we’re told of a new word that’s been added to our vocabulary. Usually it has something to do with technology or a phrase adopted by our youth.

For 2016, I’d like to suggest readopting these words — “lying, cheating, little and crooked.”

They should be used as adjectives to describe people you know.

Very presidential.

Ethel Robinson



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