Men, women should be offended by Trump

*Men, women should be offended by Trump *Union anthem antics disrespectful to U.S. *Come together an

Men, women should be offended by Trump

In the past few days, several Republican politicians have withdrawn support or registered contempt and disdain in the wake of Donald Trump’s comments about women heard on the recently released video.

Most often, it seems, they preface their remarks by saying something like: “I don’t know how I could face my young daughters, my sisters, my wife or my mother and justify my support for Trump’s candidacy.”

This seems puzzling to me. First, Trump’s misogyny has been well known long before he became a candidate.

More curiously, does this mean that they would have no difficulty facing their young sons, brothers or father?

Denis Brennan


Union anthem antics disrespectful to U.S.

As one of many somewhat rabid fans of Union College hockey (a season ticket holder since ’88), I have willingly participated in an enthusiastic gesture of partisan cheering for as long as I can remember.

I am one of those who shout “U” on the fourth note of our National Anthem at all Dutchmen games (to the detriment of my wife’s hearing, she claims).

This summer, I have watched with growing anguish the childish displays of washed-up has-beens like Colin Kaepernick who, in an effort to find some pathetic form of relevancy, have chosen to show disrespect for our flag, our country and those who have served it by “taking a knee.” I have also been saddened by the spectacle of weak-minded fad followers who have aped his despicable behavior.

My late good friend, Ed Iovinelli, who always sat right in front of me, disapproved of the Union tradition, saying that silence during the anthem was the only proper behavior.

Beginning this season, I shall no longer indulge in my own childish disrespect for our flag, country and those who serve her. I hope the Union Skating Dutchmen will forgive the loss of my cheer at that point in the games. I assure them there will be no lack of cheering at other times.

I hope other fans agree with me and discontinue all shouts during our national anthem. It’s time we behave as adults and show proper respect.

Rob Dickson

Clifton Park

Come together and share local attributes

Sara Foss in her Oct. 4 column [“Why not promote region as a whole?”] is so correct, “spot-on” with her conclusion that we all have to work together to make this Capital Region a world class destination.

Right now, the international traveller may venture out of the New York metropolitan area to visit the New York State Museum or the Saratoga track. But then they’re off to the airport and gone. If it’s a nice day, they might notice the expansive gray rock outcroppings or an unnaturally straight ribbon of reflected sky as they look out the plane’s porthole and wonder what else they missed. But they are gone.

By working together, we — no matter which county we call home — can share our varied heritage, show off our changing seasons, draw them to our unique recreational resources and share our “sense of place.”

Who knows. The international traveller might even come back for another discovery. We in turn might learn more of the story of our guests.

Eric J. Hamilton

Clifton Park

The writer is executive director of Mohawk Towpath Scenic Byway.


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