Will FBI investigate Trump’s social media

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Will FBI investigate Trump’s social media

Donald Trump brags about his tens of millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

If he becomes president (God help us), shouldn’t the FBI investigate all his tweets, emails, videos from his shows, etc., for possible black-mailing material?

Lou Bach


Jews picked incorrect location to settle on

Carl Strock’s Oct. 1 letter [“Did Israel have right to drive Arabs away?”] created a bit of a stir.

In his Oct. 10 letter [“Jews are not new to land they now occupy”], Mr. William Zimmer provided a history lesson, saying among other things: “the Holy Land was occupied by Jews, with some of the early ones being Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

According to the Old Testament, Abraham begat Isaac and Isaac begat Jacob (renamed Israel). Israel had 12 sons, i.e., the 12 Tribes of Israel. One of those sons was Judah, father of the Jews. Each of the Tribes was given a land in the Palestine area; Judah’s land was called Judea.

Had the Jews who survived the Holocaust returned to Palestine and occupied the land of Judea, peace may have come. But the Jews occupied all or much of the lands of eight of the 12 Tribes, called their new nation Israel, called themselves Israelis (which they are, along with all the decedents of all 12 Tribes). And wars and turmoil have ensued.

Clyde Maughan


Stick to issues and get election over with

I am so tired of hearing negativity from both candidates for president. I am sick of hearing about emails, exploiting women, degrading many nationalities, Benghazi, etc. Tell me what you are going to do to improve things in this country. I do not like the “Let’s Make America Great Again” slogan. America is still great.

Where else can you go on national television and slam a president and not get punished? Why is everyone so upset about the latest revelation of Mr. Trump’s video? Did everyone think what he has been saying for the past year is something new? Get real.

What scares me is number of people who feel this man can lead this country with no experience in government or politics. I remember how experience was a big issue eight years ago when President Obama was said to have no experience and he was a U.S. senator.

I hope the next debate is about answering questions and not going off the subject entirely. I think the moderators did a fairly decent job, this time, but they must be more aggressive and not be afraid to interrupt. Maybe a large stop clock will help keep the candidates within their respective time elements. Ha Ha.

Negative politics has become the norm. The other big problem with today’s politics is that we have to put up with it for months before an election. We can get the same commercial for the same politician two to three times in one hour. Give me a break.

I am glad it is almost over, and I know many other people are, too.

Vincent F. Carelli


Won’t vote for the bad choices we have

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer stand hearing from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Instead of discussing issues that concern us Americans, such as taxes, education, housing, Social Security, Medicare, etc., we are hearing of all their dirty little secrets.

Trump is a total jackass; has no morals and I think he has no concern for anyone but himself. Hillary, on the other hand, is a known liar, and she and her husband will run the country as they please — and that is to please themselves.

I have seen a lot of good in this country during my lifetime, but I have never seen a campaign run like this one. If this is the best the United States has to run for president, then we definitely need God to bless America.

I will not be voting for the first time since I was eligible.

C. Ann Wood



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