Hillary’s record worse than Trump’s words

*Hillary’s record worse than Trump’s words *Tedisco an advocate for missing children *Clintons show

Hillary’s record worse than Trump’s words

This is in response to the Oct. 11 letter by Todd M. Kerner. Todd asks local GOP officials where they stand on the ridiculous comments that Mr. Trump made and took ownership of and apologized for.

I also have a question for U.S. Rep, Elise Stefanik, state Sen. Kathy Marchione, state Senate candidate Jim Tedisco and all the other Republican candidates running for office in Saratoga County. What do they find more offensive, the things Donald Trump said or the things that Bill and Hillary Clinton did?

We could start with Hillary discrediting the many women that were the victims of her husband’s perverted actions. These women were the victims of both Bill and Hillary. I wonder why Todd failed to address this sexual misconduct in his letter. I would like to know how local GOP officials feel about the email scandal that Hillary has lied through her teeth about repeatedly.

During Hillary’s first White House bid in 2008, she told a tall tale about being under sniper fire with her daughter in Bosnia in 1996. Let’s remember that Brian Williams lost his position as NBC news anchor because of a false claim that he had been under sniper fire in Iraq in 2003. If Williams can no longer be the face of NBC, how can Hillary be the face of the Democratic Party?

While Todd is asking others who they will be supporting, I suggest he contact the families of J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods — the four brave American patriots that returned form Benghazi in flag-draped coffins.

I would also suggest that Todd contact the rest of the Annex Security team that served in Benghazi and were lied to by Hillary. I wonder who they will be supporting this November.

Cliff Barrett


Tedisco an advocate for missing children

In 1998, when my daughter Suzanne Lyall went missing from SUNY Albany, we had nowhere to turn.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco heard about our plight and called my husband Doug and I to see how he could help. Jim was one of the few people in the Legislature with some expertise on issues related to missing persons.

Tedisco helped make New York the first state in the nation to put the pictures of missing persons on Thruway toll tickets.He helped pass non-custodial release legislation to protect children from being abducted and authored a book on missing children.

When we founded the Center for Hope to assist other families of missing persons, we would meet in Jim’s office until he helped us find our own office space.

Over the years, we worked closely with Jim on many initiatives, including getting Suzanne’s Law Campus Safety Act passed in New York to require all colleges to have plans that provide for the investigation of missing students and violent felony offenses committed on campus; the creation of a Missing Persons Remembrance Monument located next to the state museum in Albany; and an annual Missing Persons Day, which Jim has always emceed, to bring together family members of missing persons to share ways of coping and to keep hope alive.

Recently, we worked with Jim and DeCrescente Distributing to launch the Coasters for Hope program to distribute over 75,000 drink coasters with pictures of missing persons to restaurants and taverns across the Capital Region. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all this if we didn’t have a strong advocate like Jim Tedisco behind us.

Jim has always been there for us anytime we needed help. Jim Tedisco is someone you can count on, and I have no doubt he will be there for the residents of the 49th State Senate District, just like he’s been there for me and my family.

Mary Lyall

Ballston Spa

Clintons show they are not to be trusted

I am amazed at you liberals who are up in arms about Donald Trump’s off-color language.

For the record, I don’t talk that way and I find it offensive as well. You are outraged and disgusted. However, Donald Trump talked about doing things Bill Clinton did. He forced himself on women; three of them sat in the front row Sunday night. You liberals don’t even deny he is a lech.

Your preference for president headed up the “bimbo eruption team” during Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Mrs. Clinton demeaned, denied. Remember when she called it a vast right-wing conspiracy? You libs are part of the vast left-wing conspiracy.

Regarding Trump not paying any taxes: He followed the law.

Trump’s charity is not perfect. Clinton’s charity is a joke. The Clintons’ charity is nothing but a slush fund for their lavish lifestyle.

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate. When Mrs. Clinton set up her private server to violate freedom of information laws, she put herself before the whole country. This should disqualify her from any office. If the Justice Department wasn’t so corrupted by Obama, she would be in jail.

Dave Edwards


World government threatens republic

I have developed a disdain for political parties. I favor a republic with a central government having very limited power as mandated by the Constitution. I’m registered as “individual” voter. I consider party line voting un-American.

I once found good reason to agree with the new extinct “blue do” Democrat and moderate Republicans and disgustedly disappointed by what the federal government has become. Party-line voters support the agendas of partisan political government. Look at what it has accomplished:

The nether society that the Democrats have created is riot prone. Racial unrest is instead blamed on irresponsible law enforcement and presently threatens the stability of the U.S. government. Destitute city-dwelling Americans suffer in lawless neighborhoods, with frequent shootings, rioting, looting and burned-out businesses. Criminals rule, not law and order.

Democrats have long successfully deceived the poor with repeated unfulfilled promises successfully establishing a stable voting bloc. Continually expanding that voting base, Democrats support illegal, unskilled Latin immigration through open borders, including Islamic terrorists.

Republicans like the “Never Trump” establishment have un-American motives. They represent globalist big business, including the ultra rich. Simply said, RINOSs avidly support the end of constitutional government, to be replaced by a bureaucratic “world” government. They promote a Democrat administration to assure passage of global government treaties (TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TPIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)).

I find the Democrat progressive agenda foments riots, destructive civil rights and racial hypersensitivity, and is opposed to the free enterprise capitalism that built this country. I judge the Washington elite insider base of the Republican Party to be anti-constitutional globalists attempting to sabotage the electorate’s intent of restoring a more constitutional government. I find little merit in the Democrats’ platform.

I support Donald Trump and his attempt to reform the Washington politics, which has reached a level that could soon end our constitutional government.

Wallace J. Hughes


GOP could have done far better than Trump

Here are the problems this election poses:

On the one hand, Hillary is flawed. She came to us New Yorkers just as Robert Kennedy did in 1964. “Can I be your senator for awhile before I run for president? Please?” Can you trust her? How can you tell?

But by far, Trump is the greater of two evils. His seeming endorsement of violence at his rallies echoes the street violence and beer hall brawls of the Brownshirts in Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. They brought us Hitler.

Numerous editorials have said far better than I can that he is temperamentally unsuited to be president. When it comes to, “Can he be our president?” I don’t see anyone home upstairs. The lights are out. Do we really want his finger on the nuclear trigger?

And so I divide Republicans into three groups: The first are those who understood what was going on and separated themselves from Trump from the beginning. They will stand tall on Nov. 9. The second are those who drank the Kool-Aid but may yet come to their senses. The third group is probably just as smart as the first and knows what’s up. But they hold their noses and continue to support Trump out of self-interest. They lack a strong spine. They are to be pitied. The Republicans could have done so much better.

James Fogarty


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